Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 4

Hi Book Buddies,

Guess what? I'm in Victoria, Canada right now. I'm staying at The Fairmont Empress hotel. I got to ride on a boat called The Clipper. It was lots of fun. I did a lot of reading yesterday. And this morning I woke up and read in bed with a cup of cocoa.
I really like The Penderwicks. Now Batty's name makes sense to me and I don't think it's so funny anymore but a very special name. I am very curious about Jeffrey. I think maybe he is lonely, but he is also very smart. What do you think?
There are a lot of new words, too! Moosey-Moose will go crazy with post-it notes! Here are a few of the words I put on my post-it notes:
flora on page 12
urn on page 24
alabaster on page 74
I will write again in a couple of hours! I can't wait to read your comments, too.
Your book buddy,
Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

oh thats cool so i guess your whith moosey moose on vacation.i bet bits compyfy oh and guess what im bloging to moosey moose riaght know. well bye from zeena

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks good i love to read
and drink hot tea it always relaxes me but the book i am reading is calld tha spider wick.

from Taylor