Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to Los Angeles

Hi Book Buddies,

Well, I wanted to start my new book club book but I have to wait until Wednesday! I'm disappointed but it's for a good reason. I'm traveling to Los Angeles with Moosey-Moose. We get to see our friends from San Diego. Remember when I told you about Scaredy Pup and Big Bear? They visited me a few months ago and we made brownies. They are going to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles for one day to visit us. I am so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. We leave really early tomorrow morning.

Well, I'd better get some sleep. I'll write to you from Los Angeles.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleepy Bear Returns to Seattle

Hi Book Buddies,

Yes, that's right! I'm back in Seattle and ready to start a new book!

I had a really great time in New York City. I especially liked staying in the big fancy hotel. It was called the Hyatt Grand right next to Grand Central Station! I'm glad you liked reading about my vacation. I know Moosey-Moose had a really great time, too! But, I'm also glad to be back home. After I travel I start to miss my stuff. Like, I miss my pillow, and I miss my own blankets, and I especially miss my friends.

Well, I'm really sleepy. Traveling to different time zones is sometimes a challenge. Do you know about the different time zones? If you don't, maybe you can do some research and then let me know what you find out.

I'm going to take a nap. I'll give you all the book information in my next blog. Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 6

Hi Everyone,

I feel saddy today. Moosey-Moose and I are packing our suitcases to go back home to Seattle. I thought I was going to be really scared in the big city. But after the first day, I got used to it. I'm glad I tried new places and had some exciting adventures.

Well, I need to go now. Our taxi is waiting for us outside our hotel.

Oh! I almost forgot. I'm going to start a new book club when I get home. I'll tell you which book later this week.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 5

Hi Friends,

Moosey-Moose and I finally walked over to the New York City Public Library! WOW! It was one of my most happiest days. I got to spend hours and hours with new friends - all the books!

This is us on the statue of one of the lions at the entrance to the library. There is one on each side of the steps leading to the front door.

This is us walking into the Children's Room. It was filled with books for kids like you and me.
You can look at the library online. Just go to this website: and check it out. Have fun!
Bye for now,
Sleepy Bear

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 4

Moosey-Moose and me in front of a picture of Eloise at The Plaza Hotel.

Another picture of Central Park.
Hi Friends,

Today I am taking a rest from all the walking around Moosey-Moose and I have been doing in this huge city.

I will try to answer everyone's questions.
Alondra, I am so happy I got the math questions right. Math is not my best subject but now I have a little more confidence. Let me think about your next question, 24 + 83. Hmmmm... I know 20 plus 80 equals 100. And I know 4 + 3 equals 7. That must mean the answer is 107. Am I right? I told Moosey-Moose about your last question. Maybe you should remind him.

Oh, you mean JFK. That is the abbreviation for John F. Kennedy airport. John F. Kennedy was one of our presidents of the United States. I bet you can find lots of information about him if you do some research.
I plan to choose another book for my book club. Some of you have suggested books that you have already read. I want to read something none of us have read. Maybe you can ask your librarian or someone who works at a book store for suggestions. Let me know what you find out. I want to start when I return to Seattle.

I'm going to go now. Tomorrow we are going to the New York City library. I can't wait!

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 3

Hi Friends,

Today we went for another walk. We walked all the way to The Plaza Hotel. Well, it used to be a hotel but now it's mostly condominiums. It's a real fancy place. We were very thirsty by the time we got there so we decided to stop for a rest and share a pot of tea. It reminded me of when we were in Victoria at The Empress Hotel.

This is the entrance to The Plaza.

This is a grand staircase inside The Plaza.

This is a portrait of Eloise. Have you ever read her books? I think Moosey-Moose and I look really handsome in this picture!

Me having tea.

Moosey-Moose having tea.

Well, I hope you are enjoying reading about our travels in New York City. I have to ask Moosey-Moose what we are going to do tomorrow. I can't wait because I know it will be fun!
Bye for now,
Sleepy Bear

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 2 Night

Hi Boys and Girls,

This is a picture of Moosey-Moose and me in our hotel. I'm glad we get to share a room because he's my friend and I don't want to sleep alone in this big city. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt. It's big and fancy. I think I'm going to like staying here.

This is a picture of the taxi cab we rode in on the way from the airport to our hotel.

Today was our first full day in the city. We walked a lot. Moosey-Moose walks fast. I never knew how fast he walked until now.

Brittney, thanks for giving me confidence. Moosey-Moose will make sure I'm OK. Tomorrow we have an adventure planned. I think we are going to Central Park. I can't wait!

Oh, Alondra, the answer to your math question is 34. Moosey-Moose told me the question.

Good night,

Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear Goes to New York City, Day 2

Hi Friends,

We landed at J. F. K. Airport in New York City, yesterday. It was late by the time we arrived. The airport is a very busy place. I was a little scared. I'm glad Moosey-Moose is traveling with me. We took a taxi cab to our hotel. It's a big fancy hotel. I'll tell you more later.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 1

Hi friends!

Yipppy skippy! Today is the big day. Moosey-Moose and I are flying to New York City! I am so excited! This is a picture of me sitting in my seat on the airplane.

I'll write to you when we get to our hotel.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 16

Hi Book Buddies,

I feel a little melancholoy right now. I just finished reading the last chapter in The Penderwicks. I really liked reading this book. It was like a friend to me. And now it's over. I felt like I got to know the characters. I could imagine the Penderwick sisters living in a house up the street from me. Well, I suppose I should be happy that I got to know them.

I'm getting ready to leave on a short vacation. Be sure to check back to find out where I'm going. Oh yeah, Moosey-Moose is going with me.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 15

Hi Book Buddies,

Well, poor Jeffrey. He was found out. I'm glad he didn't really runaway all the way to Boston. I would have been very worried about him. But, I hope his mom will listen to him and not make him go to school at Pencey. That sounds like a horrible place for a 12-year-old boy.

I remember reading a new word. I think it was vain but I didn't have my post-it notes with me last night so I didn't write it down. If you find it, can you tell me what page it is on? I want to put it on the refrigerator with Moosey-Moose's magnet words.

Today, let's read the last chapter in the book. Then, we can start thinking about our next book! I'm getting ready to go on an adventure with Moosey-Moose so we will start our new book when we get back. That will give us more time to choose a book.

I'll tell you more about where we are going in my next blog.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 14

Hi Book Buddies,

Wow! I can't believe Jeffrey ran away from home. And the Penderwick sisters helped him by letting him hide at their house for the night. I don't think i would have been able to do that. I would have been too afraid of getting into trouble. What would you have done if you were in Jeffrey's shoes? Would you have runaway?

Let's read chapter 17.

Your book buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 13

Hi Book Buddies,

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Skye tore up her book! I feel so bad for her. All that hard work. And Dexter is a real meany. Luckily, Skye's father found out before she tore up her entire book and luckily she had a copy on her computer. Whew!

Well, I was so hooked with the story that I went ahead and read chapter 16, too. I like how the titles of the chapters give a clue about what the chapter is going to be about. I won't give anything away until you have a chance to read it, too. So read chapter 16 today because I won't be able to wait too long to talk about it.

We are almost finished with this book. I feel a little sad because I really like this book and I think this book is my friend and this friend will soon leave.

Well, bye for now, Book Buddies,

Sleepy Bear

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 12

Hi Book Buddies!

Do you know that today is Dr. Seuss's birthday? I'm going to read Cat In the Hat and Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Well, back to The Penderwicks. Poor Rosalind. She is a silly girl to go outside in the middle of the night and then she tried to hide from Cagney and his girlfriend but instead, Rosalind fell into the lily pond! I think she was very embarrassed. I know I would be.

Some friends have asked me about my favorite part of the book. I like all the adventure parts. Like when Batty gets stuck in the field with the bull. Oh, and when Skye was hiding in the urn so Mrs. Tipton wouldn't see her.

Chapter 15 is called The Shredded Book. I wonder if something is going to happen to Skye's book. I'm going to go read and find out.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear