Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleepy Bear Goes to the Bathhouse Theater

Hi Theater Buddies,

Sitting in Theater

I didn’t know how much I missed going to the theater to watch live performances until I went today.  It’s been a long time since I went the last time.  I had a really good seat again, too. 

Group On Stage

Today, kids in third, fourth, and fifth grade performed scenes from THE LIGHTENING THIEF.  That’s the book by Rick Riordan.  Have you read it? 


The story is about kids who are part human and part Greek gods.  I haven’t read the book but my reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, has a student who read the book so she learned all about the story from her student and then Kathleen shared with me.

Entire Cast

The cast of kids in the show chose their favorite chapters in the book.  Then they chose the most important parts and wrote a two page script.  They also did their own staging. 

That means they decided where they needed to be on the stage when they read their lines. It sounds like a lot of hard work, and I bet it was.  But they did a super job! 

Tomorrow I’m going to the theater again to watch SWEENEY TODD.  The older kids are performing in that show.

If you want to act on stage you should ask your parents to visit the Seattle Public Theater website.  They have classes for kids my age and older.   It’s a great way to get experience in the theater!  Here’s the link:

Check back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about SWEENEY TODD. 

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sleepy Bear Writes to Santa

I’m so happy Grandpa arrived when he did.  Yesterday, he helped me write my letter to Santa Claus.  I asked for something for my friend, Moosey-Moose. 

Grandpa Helps Sleepy Bear Write Letter to Santa

He’s been feeling melancholy because he does not have any family nearby.  And, he really wants to go someplace exciting but he does not know where to go.  Maybe Santa will bring him something to cheer him up.



Sleepy Bear Mails Letter to Santa

Well, I dropped my letter into the mail box.  I hope Santa gets it in time.

I’ll let you know what happens.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Sleepy Bear and Grandpa Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grandpa Sleepy Bear Arrives

Hi Friends,

I waited a very long time for Grandpa Sleepy Bear to arrive today on the Amtrak train. 

Sleepy Bear Waits for Grandpa to Arrive

I was all ready with my sightseeing brochure.  But waiting made me sleepy.






Sleepy Bear Meets Grandpa

I decided to walk around so I would not fall asleep.  I was on my way back to the bench to curl up and nap when guess who snuck up behind me?

Grandpa Sleepy Bear!!!!

I quickly woke up.

Check back tomorrow when I tell you about some of the fun things we did today.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear and Grandpa Sleepy Bear

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sleepy Bear Has a Visitor!


Sleepy Bear Reads Letter

Hi Friends,

I got a letter in the mail today.  It’s from my grandpa!  I have not heard from him in a very long time.  I thought maybe he had forgotten about me.

But he has some good news.



Grandpa Sleepy Bear's Letter

It says his rheumatoid arthritis is better.  It also says he’s coming to visit me for Christmas!!  And he arrives by train!!!  On December 22nd!!!!


Grandpa Sleepy Bear also sent a picture of himself.  He looks just like I remember him in my mind. 

Grandpa Sleepy Bear Headshot

I’m so super excited!!! I’d better go to the store and buy extra cocoa and whippy cream.  Oh, and I think I’ll go to the library and get lots of holiday books to read with my grandpa.  I can’t wait!

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear



Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi Theater Friends,

I’m so excited!  I got to go to The Bathhouse Theater in Green Lake to see THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER.  It was a nighttime performance, too!  I got to sit in the front row, super close to the actors.  I felt very grown up.

The Herdman Kids

Remember when I told you how mean the Herdman kids are in the book?  Well, guess what?  They are even meaner in person.  I’m glad they are only characters in a play and not that way in real life. 


Most of the story from the book was the same as the story on stage.  But some parts were different.

Mrs. Armstrong

In the book, Mrs. Armstrong broke her leg. But in the play, she broke both her arms and both her legs!  She was wearing roller skates and she had two helpers push her on stage.  She also talked funny.  My teacher,

Kathleen, told me she had an accent.  I liked her costume, too.  She looked like a big Christmas present.


Another part that was different was in the book there was a reverend for the leader of the church.  A reverend is a man.  In the play, it was a lady. She was called the minister.  Oh, and she was played by the same person who played Mrs. Armstrong.  I bet that’s tricky to do.  I hope she reads my blog.  If she does, maybe she can tell me what it is like to play two different characters in the same play.  I bet that takes lots of practice!  I would be afraid I might say the wrong lines. 

Fireman and GladysThis was a funny part.  The adults thought the Herdman kids started a fire in the church so they called the fire department. Except, it wasn’t the Herdmans who started the fire, it was the ladies baking in the church kitchen.  They burned their applesauce cake!  Gladys hopped onto the back of a fireman.  That really surprised him.  Or, maybe he was scared because he knew Gladys was a Herdman!

Choir of Angels

One of my favorite parts was when the choir angels started to sing.  My fur was tingly and it was sticking straight out.  Kathleen told me she had goose bumps.  I think that’s what I had, too.  She also told me it meant that the actors were doing a super great job at singing and being angels in a choir.  I agree. I almost forgot I was sitting in a theater!  I wonder if they take singing lessons.

Mary Joseph Angel

This was another really good part. That’s Gladys holding the star and Imogene and Ralph Herdman!  Wow!  The real people did a super job to be Herdman kids and actors in another play.  That’s like a play inside of a play.  Good thing the cast has a super good director, Shana Bestock, to help them.

Most of the story in the book was the same as the story on the stage.  The most important part that was the same was the part about why the Christmas pageant really was the best Christmas pageant ever. 

Kathleen told me that sometimes people get too busy and they forget that Christmas is really supposed to be about caring and giving and thinking about others.  She also told me that it doesn’t matter if you believe in Christmas or another holiday.  It’s the tradition and spending time with family and friends and caring about others that really matters.  That’s what happened in the story.  The Herdman kids really weren’t that bad.  They just needed people to care about them and give them a chance and help them learn new things and believe in them. 

My fur got all tingly again.  Must be those goose bumps! 

I could go on and on about how super great the performance was.  But, I think you should go see it for yourself.  Here’s the link to the Seattle Public Theater:  You can find out all the days and times when you can see the show.

I hope the cast members write back to me and tell me more about what it is like to be in a play on stage.

Your Theater Friend,

Sleepy Bear

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi Book Buddies,

I hope you like the book I chose.  I like it but I think the kids are horrible!  They aren’t very nice at all.  I’m glad they don’t live near me.

Day 2

I have to read a lot this week.  On Thursday I’m going to The Bathhouse Theater in Green Lake to watch the kids perform this story on stage. 

I wonder how the book and the live performance will be the same and how it will be different.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Write back, soon.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Hi Book Buddies,

I’m starting a new book!  It’s called THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER by Barbara Robinson.             PB301631

I’m reading this book because the Seattle Public Theater is making this story into a show on stage!  And, guess what?


I get to go see the show on preview night at The Bathhouse Theater on Thursday December 9, 2010.  That’s less than two weeks away!  I’d better start reading tonight.

Oh, in case you are wondering who the dog is, that’s Tsavo.  She turned 8 months old yesterday.  She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I’m going to read to her.  I hope she likes the story.

And, I hope you read the book with me, too.  If you need a copy you can try Mockingbird Books in Green Lake.  That’s where I got mine. 

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleepy Bear’s Book Club - WEMBERLY WORRIED


Hi Book Buddies,



This is the book WEMBERLY WORRIED by Kevin Henkes.  The title is covered up with the library sticker.  I wonder if they can move it after I return the book to the library?



Well, that’s ok.  I still like the story. 

Poor Wemberly.  She worries a lot!  She worries more than me, and I worry a lot, too.

I worry that I might run out of whippy cream for my hot cocoa!

Luckily, my best friend and reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, buys me extra whippy cream.  Do you worry?  I hope not, but if you do, maybe you have a friend who helps you, too?

I hope you get a chance to read WEMBERLY WORRIED.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi Book Buddies,

My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, went to the library for me and checked out LILLY’S PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE by Kevin Henkes.


Do you see what color my cup is for hot cocoa and whippy cream?


Lilly is lucky to have a nice teacher like Mr. Slinger.  I hope your teacher is super nice, too.


Uh Oh!  I think Lilly is going to get into trouble.  She’s having a hard time being considerate.  That means she’s not very polite to Mr. Slinger when he’s teaching.  Lilly might get into trouble.



Lilly said straws make everything taste better.  She’s right!


Luckily for Lilly, her parents are very helpful and Mr. Slinger understood she was having a bad day.  He forgave her for being rude in class.

I like Lilly.  I hope you write to me and tell me your favorite part of LILLY’S PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE.

My next book is going to be WEMBERLY WORRIED. Kevin Henkes wrote that book, too.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sleepy Bear Watches THE WIZARD OF OZ on Stage

Hi Theater Friends,

I'm so excited! I got to watch the final sharing for THE WIZARD OF OZ at the Seattle Public Theater.


The final sharing was like a final performance except the kids didn't have costumes, or sets, and only three props. But they did get to perform on a real stage! They were really good, too.


This is the part where everyone danced in the land of Oz. The kids did a great job learning the choreography. And, they had to sing at the same time! I bet that was hard to do.


At the end of the show they took a final bow for the audience. I was surprised to see how much they learned in only eight weeks. They did a super duper job. I bet Todd Hulet is very proud of his cast and their final sharing.

If you want to learn how to perform on stage, too, then you should ask your parents to sign you up for one of the Youth Programs at the Seattle Public Theater. That would be something fun to do in December. Here's the link:

Oh, and if you don't have enough money in your piggy bank, the theater will help you. They have something called scholarships. That's a big word for me. I better look it up in the dictionary. If you find out what it means, you can let me know.

I'm going to go read LILLY'S PURPLE PURSE.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleepy Bear Visits Rehearsal for THE WIZARD OF OZ

Hi Theater Friends,

On Saturday I went to the last rehearsal for THE WIZARD OF OZ.  I was very surprised because the kids were really good!  I could tell they were working super hard to know all their lines and choreography. 

Saturday they have a final sharing.  That means they get to perform for their parents.  I bet in a few years they will perform in the big kid productions, like ZOMBIE CAESAR and BOOK OF DAYS!

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sleepy Bear Invites Kathleen to Blog about BOOK OF DAYS

Hi Theater Friends,

I’m so lucky! My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, saw another play at The Bathhouse and she’s going to tell us about it. This one is called BOOK OF DAYS.
That sounds like the perfect play for me because it’s about books! But, Kathleen said the title means something different and is has a lot of big words (and a few “bad” ones). So, I stayed home and drank a cup of hot chocolate and whippy cream and read THE WIZARD OF OZ so I can compare and contrast the book with the play.

Wow, Sleepy Bear, two weekends in a row that I get to write on your blog! Once again, I’m honored.

Yes, Sleepy Bear, BOOK OF DAYS by Lanford Wilson has a theme more suitable for mature audiences; which is quite interesting considering this production is performed by 14 – 18 year olds from the Youth Program at the Seattle Public Theater, but they so completely disappeared into their adult characters that you would hardly know their true ages.

Award winning playwrite, Lanford Wilson, created a story set in a small, fictional, mid-western town. Unfortunately for the townspeople, their town is just a little too small for the ensuing plot that thickens around them. They are all consumed with heartache, diverse religious views, an overzealous politician wanna-be, dishonesty, infidelity, determination to do the right thing above all else, greed, and good ol’-fashioned murder. Quite a hefty undertaking for any seasoned actor to take on any one of the 13 characters. But like cogs in a wheel, each actor gave a stunning performance to make this wheel of a play spin forward; and what a fine wheel it is! Once again, Shana Bestock has done an extraordinary job of directing. She has guided the cast through the process of delving deep into their short repertoire of experiences and use the authentic resources available to them in order to bring their characters to life on the stage. I bet Mr. Wilson would be proud to see his work performed by such a talented group of young thespians.

Sleepy Bear, the language can be a bit adult so it was a good thing you stayed home but, parents, this is a perfect play for you and your older kids to see. You still have a few opportunities to catch a performance. Here’s the link to the Seattle Public Theater’s Education Programs and the performance schedule:

Oh, and something else I learned about the cast is that most of them started acting in the younger productions with the Seattle Public Theater. So, Sleepy Bear, when you see the kids at THE WIZARD OF OZ you can tell them to keep up the good work and soon they’ll be performing in the adult plays, like BOOK OF DAYS.

Thanks, Kathleen! Oh, and friends, check back later and I’ll tell you about the last rehearsal for THE WIZARD OF OZ!

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleepy Bear Visits an Elementary School

Hi Book Buddies,

I was invited to visit an elementary school in Bellingham, Washington. I made a lot of new friends in Mrs. Hanes' first grade class, Mrs. Mitchell's first grade class, and Mrs. Dubiel's kindergarten class!

This is their school.
The kids in Mrs. Mitchell's class said one of their favorite books to read is THE PIGEON FINDS A HOT DOG!

The school librarian gave me a copy to read.

Mrs. Mitchell's class was right! It is a funny book.
My next book will be LILLY'S PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE.
I hope you write to me and tell me more about your favorite books.
Your Book Buddy,
Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleepy Bear Answers His Mail

Hi Book Buddies,

I have learned some new words that rhyme!

Aarlyn told me about tricks and six! Thanks, Aarlyn, those are super rhyming words.

Tea also wrote to me. Her rhyming words are mouse and house. I like those, too.

Here are some more rhyming words from my book, ROOM ON THE BROOM.

Down! cried the witch,
and they flew to the ground.
They searched for the hat,
but no hat could be found.

Can you tell me the words that rhyme?

I like rhyming words. They are fun to find in books.

I can't wait to learn more words from you.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepy Bear Visits Another Rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz at Seattle Public Theater

Hi Friends,

I had a busy weekend at the theater. On Saturday morning I got to watch another rehearsal for THE WIZARD OF OZ! It was fun to watch the kids warm up. That’s so they can do their choreography and not pull a muscle.

This is me with Todd Hulet. He's the director. I'm learning a lot from him about being an actor on the stage!
I tried to do some warm up exercises. First I stretched one arm up high and counted to 8. Then I stretched the other side, just like the kids at rehearsal. That’s hard work.

I made another friend, too. This is Max. He plays Toto. He said he watched A LOT of dogs so he would know what to do. I have a dog at home. It would be really hard to act like a dog for the whole show. But Max is a really good actor.

Makena plays Dorothy. Today she got to try on her red shoes. They are very sparkly.

The kids are almost ready to perform for their families. Just one more rehearsal. I bet they are super excited to finally share what they have learned!

Today is a perfect day to sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa and whippy cream and read the book, THE WIZARD OF OZ. So far I have found one contrast. Toto doesn’t talk like he does on the stage! I’ll tell you more later.

Your book buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - ROOM ON THE BROOM

Hi Book Buddies,

I'm too scared to dress up in a costume and go trick or treating. But I'm not too scared to dress up my whippy cream! It's a ghost. Yum!

I have the perfect book to go with my afternoon ghosty whippy cream on top of hot cocoa, too. It's called ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson. This is a super fun book to read because it rhymes. Do you know what that means? Well, it's when the ends of words sound alike.

Here's the beginning of the story, it goes like this:

The witch had a cat
and a hat that was black,
And long ginger hair
in a braid down her back.

Cat rhymes with hat and black rhymes with back. Books like this are great to read out loud. Now you try it.

I'm going to read the next page. Hey, I have an idea, let's see how many words we can find that rhyme. You can use this book or a different book you have at home.

Check back later and we can share.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear Invites Kathleen to Blog about ZOMBIE CAESAR

Hi Theater Friends,

Happy Halloween!

Guess what? My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, saw the play, ZOMBIE CAESAR, at The Bathhouse! Zombies are too scary for me. I stayed home with my cup of hot chocolate and whippy cream and a Halloween book. Kathleen will tell you about the show.

Thank you, Sleepy Bear. This is quite an honor to write on your blog.

Intense Drama, political intricacies, captivating monologues, and complex characters all come together on one stage at The Bathhouse in Green Lake. That would be true for almost any production of a Shakespearian play, but what makes this performance all the more unique and special is that the cast is a group of 11-14 year olds!

ZOMBIE CAESAR takes place in the late 1950s – early 1960s but the language is authentic iambic pentameter of Old English. This version takes another turn from the original when zombies come to life after Caesar meets his fate at the other end of Brutus’ fake knife. Yes, this performance even uses stage blood! Sleepy Bear, good thing you stayed home for this one. The Zombie makeup was a tad bit too real even for me! Add to that the sound of thunder and rain and lightning illuminating the sky at just the right intervals and you have the makings for a perfect show for a Halloween weekend.

Hats off to Shana Bestock, for directing the cast from self-written character bios to an engaging live performance. Unfortunately, there is only one more performance. They all deserve a longer run for their dedication to each other and the art of live theater.

Parents, gather the older kids for a fun Halloween afternoon at The Bathhouse Theater. The final performance of ZOMBIE CAESAR is today at 2pm, and the tickets are free! I look forward to seeing more productions by the
Youth Program at the Seattle Public Theater.

Sleepy Bear, back to you.

Thanks, Kathleen! Sounds like a good show, except for the super scary parts.

Friends, check back later today. I’ll tell you about the Halloween book I read. It was scary enough for me! It’s called, ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleepy Bear Brushes Up On His Shakespeare!

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I got to visit another rehearsal for a show put on by the Youth Program and the Seattle Public Theater. This one is called ZOMBIE CAESAR. It's a Shakespeare play that has been changed a little bit so now it's a Halloween play, too. The cast is a group of kids in 5th through 8th grade. And they are really good! But, I have to warn you, it's a little bit scary and a little bit grown-up for kids my age. It would be perfect for an older brother or sister to enjoy.

Here's a picture of two cast members in costume. Wow! They're just a little bit older than me. Oh, and everyone was "off script" for the entire rehearsal. Sometimes the Assistant Stage Manager, Augustine, would tell them their lines if they forgot.

This is another cast member performing his monologue. Do you remember what that is?
I have a couple of questions for the cast members, so maybe they can write to me with their answers. My first question is, why was everyone talking English but it sounded different? Is it very hard to learn how to talk that way?

This is me with Kynna, the Lighting Designer. She also has a student helper. Her name is Erica. They have a very complicated job to do. They have to make sure the actors have just the right amount of light shining on them so the audience can see them and to create a mood on stage.
I hope the cast members write back to me. I also hope they share what it's like to be in a show on a stage.
Their first performance is on Friday. Check out the website for the Seattle Public Theater for more info.
If you want to learn more about Shakespeare, here's one site you can visit:
Bye for now,
Sleepy Bear

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleepy Bear Visits The Wizard of Oz Rehearsal at Seattle Public Theater

Hi Friends,

As you know I'm blogging about my visits to the Seattle Public Theater Youth Programs. Right now the 3rd and 4th graders are rehearsing THE WIZARD OF OZ. They will share their performance with their family in another two weeks!

I thought I would read the book, THE WIZARD OF OZ. It's fun to compare and contrast the book with the show on the stage. Oh, in case you don't remember what 'compare' and 'contrast' mean, I'll tell you. Compare means how things are the same and contrast means how things are different. I'll tell you more after I read a few pages of the book.

But first, I want to introduce you to my new friend. Meet Lucius. He is the Wizard in the show. I talked to him about auditioning. He said he had to learn some choreography and read some lines. He's done this before so he wasn't nervous. Lucius also told me that acting is lots of fun! I can tell by watching Lucius during rehearsal that he's having a great time.
If you're thinking about signing up for one of the youth programs at the Seattle Public Theater, I'll tell you what to expect at the audition. First, you might have to read some dialogue. That's when you pretend you are a character in a play and read the lines with a group of kids. You don't get to practice at home first. That's the tricky part! Or you might need to read a monologue. That's when you read a paragraph of words for one character, all by yourself. And guess what? You don't get to practice that one at home either. But, everyone at Seattle Public Theater is super nice and they will help you if you get stuck or maybe if you get nervous. Just think about all the fun you can have!!
I'm going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate with whippy cream and read THE WIZARD OF OZ. Be sure to check back when I tell you what I learn about compare and contrast.
Your friend,
Sleepy Bear

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleepy Bear Is a Contributing Blogger for the Seattle Public Theater!

Hi friends,

I’m very excited to tell you about some good news! I have been invited by the Seattle Public Theater to write about their youth programs!!! Have you ever wanted to act in a play on a stage? If you answered “yes” or even “maybe” then the youth programs are for you! It’s a great way to get started on your acting career.

The Seattle Public Theater has classes for kids that teach you how to act and move on stage. Right now there is a group of 3rd and 4th graders who are rehearsing for The Wizard of Oz. I got to visit them while they worked.

I was a little bit nervous at first. But Todd, he’s the director, introduced me to the kids. They all made me feel very welcomed and they didn’t mind that I sat and watched. While they worked hard I heard Todd instruct the kids about their choreography. “What’s that?” I wondered.
Oh, and all the kids had a stack of papers stapled together. Sometimes Todd would say, “OK, everyone is off script, now.” And then the kids would drop their stack of papers on the floor and out of the way. “Hmmm,” I wondered, what that was about?” Luckily for me, when the kids were finished working, they sat with me and answered my questions.

I made some new friends at the Seattle Public Theater. Sean, Aliza and Makena each helped me to understand choreography. They said it’s planned dancing or movement while you’re acting like a character from a play. That sounds very difficult. But there’s more! Sometimes you even have to sing, too! I don’t know if I would ever be able to do all that at the same time. But these kids are good. They were all following Todd’s choreography instructions.

I also learned what the stack of papers is called. That’s the script and each actor has one. They told me it is the story typed on paper and it tells which character says which words. Sometimes it also tells the characters what they are supposed to do on stage. When Todd tells them, “off script,” that means they can’t look at the words typed on paper! Yikes, that sounds very difficult.
Aliza and Makena let me look at their scripts. Each girl used a different colored highlighter pen to mark the words they had to memorize for the character they were playing.
Wow! That’s a lot of words to memorize. They said it takes lots of practice. They read and re-read many times a day, every day. When I read a book, I read it once and then go on to another book. I can’t imagine reading the same story, over, and over, and over, and over again. That’s dedication!

Todd has invited me to visit them again while they rehearse. In a few weeks the kids get to perform the show for their parents. It’s not a real performance for the public to watch because the kids are learning what to do right now. Sometimes I’ll get to visit rehearsals for shows that you can see at The Bathhouse On Green Lake. I’ll let you know which shows those are, too.

So, if acting on stage sounds like something you want to do, then you should ask your parents to visit the website for the Seattle Public Theater and sign you up for the classes. Here’s the link:

Be sure to check back next week when I write more about how to audition for a show.

Your Friend,
Sleepy Bear

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleepy Bear Has New Books - In French!

Hi Book Buddies,

Look at what Moosey-Moose gave me.

He was in France on another one of his adventures. While I was home missing him, he was shopping for books for me! These books are in French! One is about a dog, another one is a Madeleine book, one is about history (I think), and two are about famous artists.
I can't wait to look at them and maybe learn some French words. Which one should I read first?
Your Book Buddy,
Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleepy Bear Answers His Mail

Hi Book Buddies,

I want to say hi to Cammie. She suggested I read CHARLOTTE'S WEB next. I think that is a good idea. I have friends who have read the book and watched the movie! Who wants to read CHARLOTTE'S WEB with me?

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - A BIRTHDAY FOR BEAR

Hi Book Buddies,

I just finished reading A BIRTHDAY FOR BEAR. I was very surprised by the ending of the story. I never expected Mouse to give Bear red roller skates for a present. I have a prediction. I bet Bear is going to have an adventure on roller skates in his next book. I can't wait!

I hope you enjoyed reading with me. Finishing a book is always exciting because you get to find out what happens to your friends in the story. But it is sad at the same time because you have to say good-bye to them.

I guess it's time for me to make another new friend! What should we read next?

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear