Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleepy Bear Reads The More the Merrier!

Hi Book Buddies,


I finished reading Cinderella Smith, The More the Merrier.  I really really liked the story!

I liked it so much that I forgot to ask Kathleen to make another hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream for me!




If I were in third grade, I would want Cinderella to be in my classroom. She is smart and she is super nice. I also like the way she made up fun words. Like vexylent. I won’t give away what it means. But it is a nice word! Another word she made up is funderful! That is super fun to say! Funderful! Funderful! Funderful! I can’t wait to tell my buddy, Moosey-Moose!

Cinderella talked about the main theme in books, too. So I will tell you the main theme of this book. I think it is about including everyone in your club. Oh, and saying only nice words to people.

My friend, Stephanie Barden, she is the author of this book. She told me the book will be in the bookstores in April. That is not very far away. That’s vexylent!

I know you will like Cinderella Smith, The More the Merrier as much as I did. You can write to me on my blog and you can write to Stephanie Barden on her website. This is the link: Let us know how much you like Cinderella and her new story!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sleepy Bear Reads Another Cinderella Smith Book!

Hi Book Buddies,

My friend and author, Stephanie Barden gave me an advanced reading copy of her next book, Cinderella Smith, The More the Merrier.

Introduction to Book


The copy I have is called an advanced reading copy because it is not in the bookstores yet.





Stephanie’s editor and publisher are double-checking all the details so the grammar and punctuation are PERFECT!  Kathleen told me it is a good idea to re-read everything I write, too.

Today is another snowy day. My favorite weather to stay inside with my cup of hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream and read another Cinderella Smith book.

Check back and I will tell you what Cinderella is up to this time, but don’t worry, I won’t give any secrets away.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleepy Bear Finishes Reading His First Pinky and Peanut Book

Hi Book Buddies,

Freinds Again!

Have you ever blamed your best friend for something? And then you found out your friend didn’t do what you thought they did? I did that once with my friend, Moosey-Moose. I felt really bad. I was happy when Moosey-Moose said he forgave me.




Pinky and Peanut had a similar thing happen to them. Do you know what that means? It means that Peanut blamed Pinky for taking the journal out of the clubhouse. They had a big fight. But then they found out the truth. Peanut was happy that Pinky forgave her. I was happy for both of them.

Pinky and Peanut are now starting second grade as best friends! I hope you enjoyed reading The Adventure Begins. If you did, then you will probably like their next two books.

This is the link to Pinky and Peanut’s website: Ask an adult to help you.

Check back soon. I’m going to start reading another new book! I know you will like this next one, too.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleepy Bear and Tsavo Read The Adventure Begins, a Pinky and Peanut Story


Hi Book Buddies,

I’m already on chapter 5 in my new book, The Adventure Begins. This is the first Pinky and Peanut book. So far there are three books.



I’m reading the part where Peanut shows Pinky the club house in her backyard! Peanut found it by accident. The first person she told was Pinky.





At the beginning of the story, both girls had to move to new neighborhoods. They didn’t know anyone! Pinky really missed her friends. Peanut missed her friends, too. But at least she has a brother. Lucky for Pinky and Peanut, they met each other because now they live across the street from each other! That is very lucky.

I wonder if Peanut’s brother is going to find out about the club house. If he does, he might want it for himself.

This is a fun book. I think Tsavo likes the story, too. This is the best day to stay inside and stay warm with my puppy, hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream, and cookies to nibble on.

Check back again and I will tell you what happens next.

Your Book Buddies,

Sleepy Bear and Tsavo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sleepy Bear Reads a Pinky and Peanut Book

Hi Book Buddies,

I chose my next book.

 The Adventure Begins - Day 1

It is called, The Adventure Begins. This is a Pinky and Peanut chapter book. The authors are Deena Cook and Cherie McIntosh.





My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, met the authors! I wish I had met them, too. Kathleen said they were really nice. She told them about me and they gave her a copy of their book. Kathleen gave it to me to read with my book buddies!

I’m going slurp my hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream and nibble on homemade cookies while I read about Pinky and Peanut.

This is the link to Pinky and Peanut’s website:

There are lots of fun activities. Ask an adult to help you and ask in a super nice way if they will buy a copy of the book for you. Then we can read the book together.

Check back later and I will tell you more about Pinky and Peanut.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sleepy Bear Finishes His Holiday Book

Hi Book Buddies,

I hope you had as much fun over the holidays as I did. In fact, I had so much fun, I didn’t have time to blog! But I did read.

The Tree Gets Shorter


Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree is getting shorter and shorter.







I had a cookie that looked like a Christmas tree. It reminded me of Mr. Willowby’s tree. Every time I took a bite, it got shorter, too!







Finally, Mr. Willowby enjoys his tree and the mice inside their home enjoy their tree – just like Mr. Willowby’s. And, just like my cookie!





I hope you enjoyed reading Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree with me.

I’m choosing my first book to read for the year 2012. Check back soon to learn which book I’m going to read next.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear