Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleepy Bear and Tsavo Read The Adventure Begins, a Pinky and Peanut Story


Hi Book Buddies,

I’m already on chapter 5 in my new book, The Adventure Begins. This is the first Pinky and Peanut book. So far there are three books.



I’m reading the part where Peanut shows Pinky the club house in her backyard! Peanut found it by accident. The first person she told was Pinky.





At the beginning of the story, both girls had to move to new neighborhoods. They didn’t know anyone! Pinky really missed her friends. Peanut missed her friends, too. But at least she has a brother. Lucky for Pinky and Peanut, they met each other because now they live across the street from each other! That is very lucky.

I wonder if Peanut’s brother is going to find out about the club house. If he does, he might want it for himself.

This is a fun book. I think Tsavo likes the story, too. This is the best day to stay inside and stay warm with my puppy, hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream, and cookies to nibble on.

Check back again and I will tell you what happens next.

Your Book Buddies,

Sleepy Bear and Tsavo

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