Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 6

Hi Everyone,

I feel saddy today. Moosey-Moose and I are packing our suitcases to go back home to Seattle. I thought I was going to be really scared in the big city. But after the first day, I got used to it. I'm glad I tried new places and had some exciting adventures.

Well, I need to go now. Our taxi is waiting for us outside our hotel.

Oh! I almost forgot. I'm going to start a new book club when I get home. I'll tell you which book later this week.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

If it is a book I all ready read I can steel read it with your book club. I bet it is going to be a wonderful book. I just can't wait. But I am happy to here that you and Moosey-Moose had a wonderful time. And when my brother went he brought us a key chane it said New York it was cool. And we went to this play just now in the cafiteria and it was about bulling and I leard 3 new words it is
Refuseing,Reporting and I am sorry I forgot the other one but when I re member I will tell you so bye for now.



P.S: chat with you later:)

Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear was it realy fun in new york? And did you have a fun time? And what flour did you get? And were wer you at centrel park because i couldint find you at centrel what did you ride in to get back in seattle? sincerely Kareem.

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear
I'm waiting for more adventures and more websites I like it when you blog to us it's fun reading your blogs and moosey mooses blogs

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear.So were do you like it the most over there or seattle?I cant wait to see what book you choose because every book you choose it is a very good.

well i have to go.

p.s i hope you guys had fun.