Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to New York City - Day 3

Hi Friends,

Today we went for another walk. We walked all the way to The Plaza Hotel. Well, it used to be a hotel but now it's mostly condominiums. It's a real fancy place. We were very thirsty by the time we got there so we decided to stop for a rest and share a pot of tea. It reminded me of when we were in Victoria at The Empress Hotel.

This is the entrance to The Plaza.

This is a grand staircase inside The Plaza.

This is a portrait of Eloise. Have you ever read her books? I think Moosey-Moose and I look really handsome in this picture!

Me having tea.

Moosey-Moose having tea.

Well, I hope you are enjoying reading about our travels in New York City. I have to ask Moosey-Moose what we are going to do tomorrow. I can't wait because I know it will be fun!
Bye for now,
Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear what does F.G.K. or something like that mean? The answer to the question is correct. I havent seen Moosey-Moose giving me the answer. But cool every time I blog to you I am going to ask you an addition QUESTION!!!! OK I have another one for you:24+83=?
Tell this to Moosey Moose please can you? Thank you.So i have this big question I dont know if its big but I say it is. I've always kept on thinking of this question but I dont think its nice to say well I just have to say it. How old are you? Thats my question.Me I am 09 im turning 10 on MARCH 29 2009,

Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear its my first day here on your site.And i whant to be a good bloger on your site too. And do you know about Martin luther king jr.PS is it fun in new york. sincerely Kareem.