Monday, March 2, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 12

Hi Book Buddies!

Do you know that today is Dr. Seuss's birthday? I'm going to read Cat In the Hat and Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Well, back to The Penderwicks. Poor Rosalind. She is a silly girl to go outside in the middle of the night and then she tried to hide from Cagney and his girlfriend but instead, Rosalind fell into the lily pond! I think she was very embarrassed. I know I would be.

Some friends have asked me about my favorite part of the book. I like all the adventure parts. Like when Batty gets stuck in the field with the bull. Oh, and when Skye was hiding in the urn so Mrs. Tipton wouldn't see her.

Chapter 15 is called The Shredded Book. I wonder if something is going to happen to Skye's book. I'm going to go read and find out.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bear I know it is his B-day today. And our class is just going to read all day long.And right mow we are reading right now.Well I am looking rfoward to being in your next book club. I am going to read a Dr.Seuss.Bi bi -celina

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear I am really enyoying the Penderwicks how about you!?If I fell in the water I would be enberest too!Well gotta go coment you later book buddy! Imer-

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear I am so excited that Thursday is our big concert. And towmmorow we as in my class are going to practice. It is going to be so much fun there! And my sisters school is right next to it. And I might see her and her name is Claire and she is so nice to me. Well I hope your book club is going well. And have fun!-Celina

P.S read safe!:)