Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleepy Bear Travels to Los Angeles

Hi Book Buddies,

Well, I wanted to start my new book club book but I have to wait until Wednesday! I'm disappointed but it's for a good reason. I'm traveling to Los Angeles with Moosey-Moose. We get to see our friends from San Diego. Remember when I told you about Scaredy Pup and Big Bear? They visited me a few months ago and we made brownies. They are going to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles for one day to visit us. I am so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. We leave really early tomorrow morning.

Well, I'd better get some sleep. I'll write to you from Los Angeles.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

was it coll in las agles your friend kimberly

Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy bear, i really hope you had a really really really fun time in new york and what was the hotels name because i don,t know or i forgot and i don,t have you ever got a video game sistoms or do you even play video games? Did you know that i went to a school called mount view elementry have you ever heard of mount view elementry because they don,t have blogs to go on at that school and i wish i was here another year because i like this blog. and how many years have mrs hunters class witch is my class so how many? so how many feild trips did you hear about mrs hunters class going to? bye for now your freind Kareem☺☻2☺²2SR5

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear .What are you doing today.Are you having fun today.What book have you been reading is it a good book or a funny book?