Monday, February 9, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 1

Good morning Book Buddies,

Gagandeep, the book you checked-out from the library sounds like a super-duper book! I want to learn more about presidents, too. Can you tell me the name of the book?

I have decided on a new book. Let's go ahead and read The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall. It won the National Book Award. The story is about four sisters who go to an estate for the summer. While they are there they meet Jeffrey who is the son of the owner of the estate. His mother tells all of them to stay out of trouble. But do they? I can't wait to start reading and find out what kinds of adventures the four sisters and Jeffrey get into!

I'll write back later to let you know how many pages to read this week. I'm very excited to start a new book! Thanks for being my book buddies, too.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear its zeena i havint bloged to you for a while i may or may not be in your book club well bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy-bear. Mrs.Hunter got some copes of the book and that is good because she got 6 copes and there are like i dont know 6 people that want to do the book club.So how was your day today?

Well i have to go.



Anonymous said...

Sleepy bear I am so looking forword to reading this book. It seems a littel interesting. Because owr teacher read us the back of the book. My teacher Kathleen might lown me a book. I hope she dose lown me one copy.

Well I will chate with you later.

sincerly celina:)

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear i had planned to be in your booklub. so i know its like my first time blogging to u but i finally had to because i wanted to know how are you i will write you more about what is going to be in that intresting story!!!

so got to go- ahhhhhhhhhhh i almost forgot a P.S! PS WHEN ARE WE STARTING STARTIN TH BOOK? SINCERLY,

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear I like to read in bed to are you pictureing the chapters in your mind I think you are .After that book are you going to get Diary of the wimpy kid the 3'th I am I oder it from the book oder thing tell Mrs.Hunter to give you one tell her when she gets home then the next day she will get it four you.I am geting one to book 3.Plaece get it then the class will get it. bye bye Frome Anaiis

Anonymous said...

hey sleepybear,
the book is called the stories of's a very interesting history has all sorts of stories that happened in the past.i really like it because i really like history.anyway i love to go to the library because there are many different types of books.there are racing books educational books and math books and many many more kinds.well i got to go.