Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleepy Bear Enjoys High Tea at The Empress Hotel

Hi Boys and Girls,

I'm having a great time in Victoria. I'm here with Kathleen and her husband and Moosey-Moose. Today we had "high tea" at the Empress Hotel. We ate yummy sandwiches without the crust. Some had salmon and some had mushrooms and some had cucumbers. Then we had scones with cream and jam. Then, for dessert, we ate little cakes and chocolates. And of course tea. I felt very grown up. It's very fancy here. I have to keep reminding Moosey-Moose about his manners, like keeping his napkin in his lap to catch the crumbs. And he makes a lot of crumbs! Don't tell him I said so.

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

hi sleepybear how are you doing today? so talking about salmons i ate some at camp waskowitz
sincerly alondra

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear speaking of salmons i ate ONE little tiny pieceat camp waskowitz so how are you today

Anonymous said...

oops im sorry sleepy bear i accedenyuly wrote that twice but i dont remember if i wrote to you the same thing two times. hmmmm now that might be a mysterie
hmmm need to find out
sincerly alondra

Anonymous said...

wow sleepy bear that's so funny are.what book are you going to choose after the spiderwick chronicles. anyway i really like your posts that you write. well see you later.

your friend,


Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear ooh yummy lookin cupcakes and others. cute outfit miss hunter bye

sincerly isau.