Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 3

Hi Book Buddies,

I really like our new book, The Penderwicks. I think the girls have funny names. I've never heard of a girl named Skye or Batty. I wonder how the author thought of those names.

What is your favorite part so far? Write soon.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hey sleepybear,
i'm not in your book club but i still think you chose a very cool book.i know that because i read it in 3rd and 2nd grade.the names that you wrote on the blog are pretty are you loving the penderwicks book?i bet you really are.well bye sleepybear i will blog later.

your friend,


Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bear I think that the book The Penderwick is a good book so far to. And I do not have a favoite part yet. Because I like all the parts equale. But do you have a favorite oart yet. And you mad a good choose about chooseing that book The Penderwick. And on Wensday and Thursday I was not here because I had to get shots on Thursday and I had to go to the dentest to. And on Wendsday I had to go to the dentest on Wedsday to.I wanted to go to school to but I could not go. And we are haveing a party today and happy Valentines day.-Celina

Anonymous said...

hi Sleepy Bear its zeena oh and im not going to be in your book club ok thats only because I cant catch the class is going to have a valentine is going to be fun.kathleen broght movies and the whole class is going to whatch a movie the movie that we are going to whatch is Charly and the chocolate factory.i got valentine cards for the class they have lolly popps whith the valentines.i think 4 people got the same as a few minutes we are going to have the valentines party.i think its going to work out good.oh and im reading a book its called THE RUNAWAY DOLLS its turning out to be a good book.anyways i am going to ask some questions ok well bye are party is about to start from ZEENA

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy-bear.I like it when i think it was patty or shky but the hide there sandwich in the map that was funny why will someone hide a sandwich in a map?

well i have to go.

ps i am going to my cousens house.and how was your day today?