Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #2 - Day 6

Hi Book Buddies!

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me about Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Yes, we finished reading that book. Now we need to decide on a new book. I like every one's suggestions. But, I really, really, really want to choose a book that no one has read yet. Has anyone heard of The Penderwicks?

Well, I'm going to go look at more books on the book shelves and maybe I'll get more ideas, too. Let me know if you find a book that you have not read, yet.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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Anonymous said...

Hey sleepybear,
do you know now what book your going to choose for your book club?
i don't have a book in my mind but i'll think one up.anyway i went to the library and i got a book called the stories of's a history book about america and the presidents that used to be presidents.that book is so interesting that i read 50 pages including really hard words.the book is really big.well i got to go.
your friend,