Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #3 - Day 2

Hi Book Buddies,

This is a picture of me in bed reading my book. I like to read in bed just before I go to sleep because then I can make pictures in my mind about the characters when I'm sleeping. And we all know how much I like to sleep! Tell me about your favorite reading place.

Let's get started with our new book. I think we can read the first six chapters this week. I know that sounds like a lot but if you divide that between 6 days, that's only 1 chapter each day. That doesn't sound like a lot anymore.

I hope you enjoy the book. Write to me soon.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Sleepy bear im gonna start to read the book any second Ms.Hunter is gonna let me borrow her book ant that so nice of her have a nice day my friend



Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear I like too read in bed also. um.......sleepy bear do you read a book called junie.b.jones. I own 4 books. How many do you own. well i only own 1 more book inculds 5 know its called the mand band. That could be are next book:p. keep it a secret but IM GOING TO MAKE MRS. HUNTER A VALINTINE DAY CARD.how cool is that. ok ill make you and moosy moose a card too. well if you want me too.wow I heard that anaiis was going give mrs.Hunter a card too.know how about that is that so cool well i have too go bye bye. sincerely Marisol

Anonymous said...

sorry about to what i wrote to you because i miss spelld i dont know if i spelld miss spelld good but who cares every body makes mistakes! even teachers make mistakes! so right now i am reading the penderwicks hmmmmmmm i wonder what that means. bye i have to go now im right now on page4 thats good. seeyou later sleapy bear. whait i am keep on forgeting
my ps!ok ps have a wonderfull day


Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear.Today we got the books for your book club.So we have to read 1 chapter each day? I will have to chek if the chapters are long if they are i dont care i will still read it because i bet is a very good book and that is why you picked it.

well i have to go get reddy to go home.



Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear i am on page 10 i read at home.