Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #2 - Day 5

Hi Book Buddies!

Whew! Diary of a Wimpy Kid was very funny!

Gagandeep, I think Greg likes his family but sometimes Manny bothers him a lot. I think that is like Moosey-Moose who bothers me sometimes. He likes to play jokes, too. But I still like Moosey-Moose because he is my best friend.

Some of you want to read the second book and some of you are already reading book number three. That is really great. I'm glad everyone is reading. But I think I will choose a different book for my next book club book. I have one idea, The Penderwicks. Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks to everyone who writes to me. I really like getting blog messages. I hope you have a great day!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Sleepy bear I think you should read Because Of Wind Dixie because I read part of it and it is wonderful! I relly think you should read it.Have you ever read a book writen by Katie Dicamillo? I have I read the book called Edward Tulane. well I am sory because I have to go. celina

P.S we have a new student Maria .

Anonymous said...

Dear,sleepy bear how are you today I am guessing you shuold read Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy. Its suppose to be a real good book .If you know more about it mrs.recarty our library teacher she will tell you about it. She mostly read all of her books or she probly wouldent have them .Well im reading the blue blue ghost you can read that to I only read the first page of it and I wanted to not ever stop but it was time to clean up.but I hope the rest of your day goes is so silent cause were having independent reading just mrs.Hunter is reading with Zeena quietly and there is another book you should read Because of winn-Dixe.or sleepy bear this is a absulutly great book SPIDERWICK so I hope you have nice day oh yeah you know we have a new kid her name is Maria she is a nice girl well I have to go my friend hope you have a nice day.



Anonymous said...

hey sleepybear i think he does like his family but they bother him alot like rodrick his mean brother.i think you should read edward tulane.its a very nice book because i read it in 3rd grade.well i dont have time to write more so bye.
your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear I am writing a comment on the I phone it not my phone because I am only 9 years old this is my big ants did you finish diary of a wimpy kid?I did not get to be in this book club because I don't go to a libery and I don't have the book.well I hope I can be in your next book club.well I have to go.sincerely,natalie

Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear,

So did you enjoy the Diari Of The Wimpy Kid amd by the wayi like that book too because it lots of funny things in it and it is funny too.So did you get to finish it.