Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleepy Bear Goes to Opening Night for WILLY WONKA!

Hi Theater Buddies,

Tonight was another fabulous night at the theater.  No, not the movie theater.  Live musical theater!  I saw the opening night performance of WILLY WONKA by Broadway Bound Children’s Theater.

Opening Night - Waiting for the Show to Begin

Once again I had a perfect seat.  I like to get to the theater early so I have time to read the program.  I especially like to read the bios of the cast and crew. A bio is their biography. It’s fun to read about all the shows they’ve been in before. Or maybe this is their first show.


WILLY WONKA is about a boy named Charlie who is very poor but he learns that life is not all about having lots of money and always getting your way. 

Charlie and Dad - Think Positive

Charlie and his dad sing a song called “Think Positive”.




Charlie does just that.  One day he finds a coin buried in the snow.  He uses it to buy a chocolate bar.  He hopes to get one with a gold wrapper so he can go to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. 


Charlie and Phinneous Trout

Good thing he was thinking positive. He gets the last gold wrapper!



This is Charlie and Phinneous Trout broadcasting the good news on the radio!


Charlie and Cast Celebrate the Last Winning Ticket

Everyone is excited!  There’s a flag parade to celebrate.




Violet Turns Blue!

The other kids on the tour are all very bratty and think they should always get their way.  Well, that gets them into lots of trouble!  That reminds me of Moosey-Moose and the trouble he gets into.  You can read more about Moosey-Moose at

Violet doesn’t listen to Willy Wonka when he tells her not to chew his new gum.  She turns into a huge blueberry!  I like blueberries but I would not want to be one.  Poor Violet.


Willy Gives Charlie the Factory

Finally, Charlie and his dad are the only ones left on the tour.  Willy Wonka thinks the day was a disaster.  But, Charlie thinks positive about everything.  He said he had a super- duper day! 

That made Willy Wonka very happy.  It made him so happy that he gave Charlie his factory!  Wow!  I’m going think positive all the time too.  Maybe one day I’ll get a factory that makes whippy cream!

Charlie and the Winning Ticket Celebration

The entire cast gave an excellent performance! 




It’s been fun for me to watch them rehearse and then to see the finished show on stage. 

Sleepy Bear in the Orchestra Pit with Melina

Remember when I met Melina during my first rehearsal?  Well, this is me with Melina during intermission.  Melina sits in the orchestra pit.  It’s a room that is under the stage.  There’s a hole in the stage and she peeks out the top. 



Sleepy Bear in the Orchestra Pit Playing the Drums

I got to play the drums!  That was super cool.  Maybe I’ll take music lessons and then one day I can play in the orchestra for musical theater shows!




Sleepy Bear in the SpotlightSleepy Bear Dreams of Being On Stage






Or, maybe, one day I’ll get to perform on stage.  If I think positive like Charlie, then my dreams will come true, too.

Well, like they say in show business, “kudos” to the cast and to Sonya, the director.  Everyone gave a superb performance!

If you want to see the show, here’s the link so an adult can buy tickets for you:

I think you will really like the show.  The cast sang all the songs like professional actors.  And the costumes are bright and colorful.  Some of the actors wear spiffy hats!  The stage is even painted in different colors.  I wonder if I can paint my bedroom floor like just like the stage?  Hmmm, I’ll think positive about that!

Look for me in the audience when you see the show.  I plan to go back and again.

Your Theater Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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I'm glad you liked it!
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