Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepy Bear Used His Words in SCRABBLE!

Hi Friends,

Look at all the nifty words I made with my SCRABBLE letters!

Moosey-Moose was not in a very good mood. I think he thought he was going to win, especially after I lost a turn with my word ARES. I don't feel bad about losing that turn. I learned something new.

But, after a few more rounds. Guess what? Yeppers! I WON!!!! And do you remember what happens now? OK, I'll tell you. Moosey-Moose has to do all my chores for one whole entire month! I think he needs to start with feeding the birds. Their bird feeders are completely empty.
Moosey-Moose is kind of grumpy. I think he thought he was going to win for sure. He was even planning his next adventure. I guess he'll have to wait to do that.
Now, what will I do with all my free time?
Bye for now,
Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

dear sleepy bear,
is that game fun?It looks really fun?I never played scrabble before.
well see you later.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sleepy bear did you have fun?
by Jason