Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleepy Bear Plays SCRABBLE

Hi Friends,

My SCRABBLE game with Moosey-Moose is great! I have 107 points and Moosey-Moose has only 73!!!
But, now I have a dilemma (that's a sticky note word!). I made the word ARES but Moosey-Moose is challenging me. He says it's not a word. I thought it was. But now I'm not sure anymore. I can take the letters off the board and try a different word OR Moosey-Moose can try to find it in the dictionary. If it's not in the dictionary then I have to take the letters off the board and I lose my turn. That could cost me lots of points.

What should I do??

Your friend,

Sleepy Bear

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