Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Day 2 Night

Hi Boys and Girls!

I am so excited you are in my book club! I really like the story. Moosey-Moose joined, too. We might have to help him. He does not read very much. That's OK. I don't mind helping him.

I agree with Natalie. The new girl is not nice to make fun of Rob's rash. What if she had the same problem? She would not like it if Rob teased her. I remember one time I had fleas. That was not fun. Some kids made fun of me. But, Kathleen got me some special soap and helped me get rid of them. She told me to ignore the mean kids. That's what I did.

Eric is already reading chapter 2. Who is else is reading chapter 2?

Zeena, it is a good thing for kids our age to drink hot chocolate but not the coffee. Besides, making a mocha is too messy. I will never do that again. Yes, I will make brownies. I'm reading the recipe and checking if I have all the ingredients. There are a lot! I need to remember to add chocolate chips. Yum!

I hope it does not rain tonight. Last night was scary. Moosey-Moose was really scared!

I am going to re-read chapter 2. Write soon.

Your book buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear i am going to tell you a littel about chapter 3:a guy named norton said to the girl that this is a school bus not a party bus.he said that because nobudy wears a pink dress to school.

i stoped on chapter 4.

p.s were are you reading?


Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear i have read 4 chapters of the tiger rising.It is really intresting.Let me tell you about something i read.in the first chapter rob discovers the tiger.After he discovers the tiger rob goes to the kuntuky star motel.i will comment you later bye. from Gagandeep

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear My name is Eric do you now if moosey-moose is on your book club? oh I almost for got I read chapter 1,2,3,4 and 5 when are we reading chapter 6.