Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleepy Bear Gets Mail!

Hi Boys and Girls,

Yesterday was one of my happiest days! I was reading my book when the mail man came. He had a letter for me! It was from my friends Big Bear and Scaredy Pup! They live in San Diego except they were in Florida visiting family. The letter is all the way from Florida. Can you find that state on the map? I asked Kathleen to help me. It's far far away! I took a picture of the letter so you can read it, too.

OK, well, back to my book. I'll write more later.


Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hey Sleepy bear you got a mail.

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear how are you doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear sleey bear
who did you get mail from? i cant read it? i wish you can come to scool.