Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleepy Bear Makes a Mocha

Good morning Friends,

I was up late last night planning for our book club. I started to get very sleepy but I had lots of work to do.

I know Kathleen likes to have a coffee drink while she works and reads. Sometimes she makes a mocha. I thought I would make one, too. She always looks so cozy when she reads and sips her hot drink.

I've watched her make one a million times. It's really easy. All she does it put chocolate syrup in the cup and some coffee and some milk and some whippy cream.

But then things went crazy. Everything happened so fast! The coffee was dripping out of the machine, the milk was foaming out of the tin cup, the syrup dripped everywhere and the whippy cream was spraying all over the kitchen counter! And not much got into my cup. That was the worst part.

What a mess. No mochas for me.

I have to go now.

Your book buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear so do you know when your going to start the book club?

well i have to go to school.

buy for now .

p.s is she your best friend?


Anonymous said...

i am :) for you that you can make your delishious mokda and i love them i ask my mom if i can get them but my mom says that you drink it you will not grow so you can not get one so i have to get hot chocolate so i get a sip of her coffe i know that i will grow if i drink it i am getting my book tomorow any way i was intresed in your vote that you casted today i voted for oboma!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi sleepybear that mocha looks good i want one right know i wish you can come to my house but i cant let you sorry.but i will be in your book club so ill tailk to you on the comments in a few days!yeah i cant wate!i herd you called moosemoose and tailk for a long time.can you vote anyway if you can who are you voting for Obama or macgan i miss commeting to i missed a fuew days of scool so i havent bin abale to post commets from zeena ps miss you so much so bye:)))

Anonymous said...

hi sleep bear i am in your book club and tiger rising is a good book.i am soooooooooo happy that am in your book club and mrs. huter is a vrey vrey good teacher she is the best teacher and mrs.hunter if you are reading this you are the best ok by sleepy bear. Sincirely de'leazsha

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear how are you today are you haveing a mocha today i hear that people have coffie or mocha in the morning when they have a early job or they forgot to do something and they drink coffie or mocha to keep them up becuse of all the suger the.suger gets you hiper and you want to run or do something really fast and the coffie and mocha keeps you up really late at night or all night of no sleep well bye for now

Anonymous said...

hey sleepy bear my dad makes coffie but he dose not use wippy cream we ran out last week he buys mocha at the store well bye for now