Monday, October 17, 2011

“The Strange Visitor” –Sleepy Bear’s Halloween Story

Hi Book Buddies,

Just like I promised, I’m back with my hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream and more candy corns on top. Oh, and my cookie!

My best friend, Moosey-Moose is joining me tonight.

Moosey-Moose and Sleepy Bear Begin the Story

The story begins with an old lady sitting by herself at home. She is sewing and she wants company.




Moosey-Moose and Sleepy Bear - the story gets creepy

Little by little, a person comes through her door. First his legs and feet.




I like the pattern in this story. It is easy to make predictions about what the puppet man will say next.


Moosey-Moose and Sleepy Bear - the story gets and creepier

Then his body and arms came through the door. Then his head.

I was scared so Moosey-Moose sat next to me.



And guess what the creepy puppet man said next?

Well, I won’t tell you. Maybe you will want to read the book at home. If you do, I hope you write to me and tell me what the creepy man said to the old lady.

Moosey-Moose, did you like this story?

This is a super creepy story! It was like taking an adventure, inside of a book! And you know I like adventures. Maybe I can join you for your next Halloween story.

Of course you can, Moosey-Moose. I like having you read with me, especially when the story is scary.

I really like your hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream! The cookie was yummy, too.

Book Buddies, I hope you liked this story.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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