Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sleepy Bear Reads the Last Pages of Paolo’s Adventures

Hi Book Buddies,

I just finished reading Paolo’s Adventures.

Wow! Poor Paolo. He really did have an adventure. First, he was born without any humans to take care of him. Then he had trouble breathing and he couldn’t run and play. Then he was rescued but taken to a scary place for surgery. But then he met a new friend named Teddy.

Thank goodness for Teddy to help Paolo be less afraid with all the doctors in a strange place.

Paolo Gets Well

Yippy! Paolo get’s his cast taken off! And the best part is now Paolo can run and play without getting tired.




The doctors did a great job fixing his ribs. Now Paolo’s lungs have room to move in and out. That’s what helps Paolo breathe.

Paolo didn’t have to go back to living on his own.



Paolo Finds His Forever Home

He was adopted. That means a people family took him home to live with them. Paolo’s brother and sisters were living with other nice people, too.





I really liked reading about Paolo and his adventure. I hope maybe one day I can meet Paolo in person! But for now, I have his book to read and re-read!





Thanks again to Carolyn Banguero for giving Kathleen this book so I can share it with all my Book Buddies.

My next book is going to be one about mystery and magic because Halloween is only a few weeks away. I hope you join me!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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I hope you have a good halloween!
What are you? Im a wich!:)

Luv KYLIE!!!miss you!