Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sleepy Bear Reads More about Paolo’s Adventures

Hi Book Buddies,

I am so glad it’s cloudy outside and rainy. Days like this are perfect for staying indoors with a good friend, like a book! Today, my friend is Paolo’s Adventures.

Paolo is the kitty that was rescued because he needed surgery. It’s a little bit sad because he had to leave his brother and sisters. And scary for Paolo, too, because he didn’t know about people at first.



Paolo Learns About PeopleI like the way Paolo describes people for the first time. He said they have fur only on the tops of their heads! That’s funny!




Paolo And Fake Mice

I also live with cats. Three of them! They like to play with fake mice just like Paolo on page 11. Oh, and I live with one dog named Tsavo. Some of you have met her before.



Tsavo like to play with the fake mice before the cats get to them. I’m very happy we don’t have REAL mice!

This is Tsavo. Sometimes she likes to read with me.



Paolo Moves Around - a Lot!

Poor Paolo. He got moved around a lot. I think he was in a truck but he didn’t know that. Look at page 12. Do you think he is inside of a truck?




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         On page 18 Paolo’s friend, Teddy, tells Paolo about the white coat he has to wear. One of the cats I live with, Angelo, had to wear a cast on his leg. He broke two bones. He was not very happy that summer. Tsavo is feeling sorry for Paolo. I will try to cheer her up.




I hope you like reading Paolo’s Adventures with me. Remember, if you want to get your own copy of this book, tell an adult to go to the author’s website. Here is the link:

Check back later and we can finish the book together.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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Anonymous said...

Paolo is happy Sleepy Bear enjoyed the book! He just celebrated his first birthday.