Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sleepy Bear Goes to The Bathhouse Theater – Again!

Hi Theater Buddies,

Sleepy Bear Sitting in Audience

Two days in a row I got to watch a live theater show!  I’m so lucky.

I made some new friends in the audience, too.  On my left is Ingrid and on my right is Una.  They’re sisters.  They came to watch their brother, Ingamar, perform. 

The show I watched was called SWEENEY TODD.  It was a little scary for me and some parts I didn’t understand.  I asked my reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, to explain to me what was happening. 

But, I really liked listening to the music and the way the actors sang their lines instead of talking their words like regular people.  Kathleen told me that the show was a musical.  Kathleen also told me that the Seattle Public Theater and the Seattle Opera worked together to help the kids rehearse for the performance.  Now I understand why the kids were singing so much.  This was my first opera, too!  I feel so grown up.

The Seattle Public Theater is going to have another show with high school kids in the education program.  It’s called ARSENIC AND OLD LACE.  I think I will have to ask Kathleen to be a guest blogger for me again.  That show might be a little challenging for me to understand. 

If you want to be an actor on stage, you should ask your parents to find out more details about the classes at the Seattle Public Theater.  Here’s their website link:

Bye for now,

Sleepy Bear

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