Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sleepy Bear Goes to Opening Night for Broadway Bound!

Hi Theater Buddies,


Last night I went to opening night for the Broadway Bound Children’s Theater production of HAIRSPRAY, a musical with lots of singing and dancing. 

I had the best seat in the house!

Sleepy Bear Sitting in Audience - 2

Before I entered the theater, a person called an usher helped me find my seat and he gave me a program.  The program lists all the names of the actors, the characters they play and the songs they will sing.  I’m going to put my program in my scrapbook to remind me of my special theater experience.

Tracey Dad and Mom - Dream Big

This is Tracy sitting on the steps with her dad.  Her mom is ironing.  They are talking about following their dreams.  Tracy has big dreams and one of them is to dance on the Corny

Collins television show with all her friends.  I really listened to the words they were singing and I told myself, “Hey, that’s right!  Dream big!”

Dancing at the Record StoreThis is a scene at the record store owned by Seaweed’s parents.  Seaweed is the one in the vest and hat.  Tracy and her friends want to dance together on the Corny Collins Show but the mean ‘ol producer won’t let them because they are different.  That made me sad and I was hoping their dream would come true.


I like this show because it has a happy ending!  Everyone is dancing together on live television.  It looked like so much fun that it made me want to jump out of my seat and dance with them on stage.  But I didn’t.  I would have to take lots of dance lessons from Danny, the choreographer, before I could do that.

The costumes are very bright and colorful. The costume designer, Deborah Hartwell, did a great job.  The director, Jimmy Nixon, did a  super-duper job directing the show.  He is so fun and full of energy, just like his show!  And remember, there are two whole casts he had to direct!  I get sleepy just thinking about all the hard work he had to do.

On the way home I was humming tunes from the show!  “You can’t stop the beat!”  I hope you get to see the show, too, but hurry because tickets are selling fast.  If you want to go, ask your parents for help.  Here’s the link to Broadway Bound:  But remember, ask your parents first.

If you see the show, write to me and tell me your favorite parts.

Your Theater Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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