Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleepy Bear Is Broadway Bound–In Seattle!

Hi Theater Buddies,

That’s right, I was invited to watch the rehearsal for HAIRSPRAY!  What’s that you ask?  It’s a famous Broadway musical being performed by kids right here in Seattle.

Sleepy Bear with Choreographer and Director

I got to sit with the director of the show.  His name is Jimmy Nixon.  He’s the one in the white t-shirt.  He’s super nice and he has goo-gobs of energy!  I could tell he really enjoys his job.

I also got to meet the choreographer.  His name is Danny Long.  He’s the one holding me.  I was so lucky to meet a choreographer in person.  Do you remember what the choreographer does?  That’s right, he’s the one who teaches the actors how to move and dance on stage.  There are a lot of dance numbers in HAIRSPRAY.  Danny has been very busy but luckily he has a lot of energy, too!  Maybe he’ll teach me some dance steps the next time I see him.

Sleepy Bear Taking Notes

I noticed Jimmy and Danny writing notes on big pieces of notebook paper.  I thought I would help them by writing my own notes to share.


Jimmy and Danny share their notes with the actors.  And, the actors share notes with each other! Everyone is like a super big family.  They care about each other and they want to help each other be the best they can be! I felt very special that they invited me to watch them practice.

Sleepy Bear On Costume Rack

After the rehearsal I went backstage where they keep the costumes.  The actors must hang up their costumes and they have to hang them up in the same place after every show.  All the costumes have a label with the character’s name.  I wish my closet was this organized at home.

Sleepy Bear With Shoes

These are some of the shoes from the show. I never knew so many different kinds of shoes were needed for just one show.



Sleepy Bear With Cast Member

This is another new friend of mine.  Her name is Miya.  She plays two different characters.  There are two casts for the show so everyone has the opportunity to perform. Miya is in both

casts.  She said it’s sometimes challenging but I watched her perform during rehearsal and I thought she was super fantastic!

I met a lot of new people last night.  I was shy and nervous at first but everyone made me feel very welcomed.  Thank you!!! 

Tomorrow, I’m going to the opening night performance.  I’ll write on my blog all about the show.  If you want to get tickets, too, here’s the link to Broadway Bound’s website:

If you see me in the audience, be sure to say hi!

Your Theater Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you!
Miya from Broadway Bound In Seattle