Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleepy Bear Attends WILLY WONKA Rehearsal!

Hi Theater Buddies,

Yesterday, my friend, Jimmy Nixon at Broadway Bound Children’s Theater, invited me to spend two whole hours at the rehearsal for WILLY WONKA! 

I met the director of the show, Sonya Shaw.  She’s the one in the white sweater.  Sonya is super nice.  She even said I could go back to visit again.  I think I will!

Director and Cast View Stage Model

Sonya is using a model of the stage to help the actors make pictures in their mind about the scene they are going to rehearse.  I think my paws are too big to play with the model! 


I got to sit with the production team. They asked me to help them take notes.  The man in the blue shirt is Mike Bowers.  He’s the stage manager.  I want to know more about his job.  Maybe he’ll write to me and explain what he does!  The lady next to me is the Assistant Stage Manager.  Her name is Amanda Elvig.


This is what it looks like from the production table.  We’re in a room like a classroom but everyone pretends they are on the stage already performing.  Sonya is directing this small group of actors.  But sometimes, she has to direct a really big group!  She even knows all the names of the actors and the character they play!  And do you want to know something else?  There are three casts for WILLY WONKA!  Sonya has a really good memory.  Sometimes I have trouble remembering if I already had a cup of hot cocoa.  So I usually make another one just to be sure.

Sleepy Bear in Brouadway Bound Conference Room - Planning Next Big Show

After rehearsal I sat in the Broadway Bound offices to write some more notes.  Seeing all the posters on the wall gave me ideas for my own Broadway show!  Maybe one day I can be a big time director on Broadway in New York City!

I have a lot more I want to share with you about my visit to the WILLY WONKA rehearsal.  So, check back later today and maybe you’ll see yourself in one of my pictures. Tell your friends, too.

Oh, if you want to see the show, opening night is Friday February 4th.  Ask your parents to take you.  Here’s the link to buy tickets:  But remember, ask your parents first.

If you have questions about what happens at a rehearsal, write to me and I’ll find out the answer and then I’ll write back to you.

Your Theater Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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hi sleepy bear how is miss hunter doin? we miss her alot can you tell her that she was the best and more special teacher i ever had me and brianna are in the same class with miss anderson shes kinda strict sometimes when we get her mad but me and brianna are now bffs tell her i said thanks for being a great teacher sinceresly Cecilia.H