Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - THE PUPPY PLACE

Hi Book Buddies,
How do you like reading about Patches? I felt really sad when Patches was tied up in the garage. He was howling and he couldn't even reach his water bowl! It's a good thing Charles and Sammy found him and untangled his leash. I think Charles is right about it being against the law to treat animals like that. I have a prediction. I think Lizzie, Charles's sister will find out and then Charles and Lizzie will adopt Patches!

I'm going to start reading chapter 3 now. I hope you write back soon.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear,

I am new to this school. Well not really, really new just like 1 or 2weeks but I really want to get to know you. My name is Cecilia. I live in Washington. I am 9 years old my. Birthday is on October 13. I was born in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Sleepy Bear how are you im fine so I just cant belive that i am going to the musuem next monday, and I am going to do the state test tomorrow and i think its not going to be that hard I think cause its kind of like the wasl test so any way I justwant to tell you the exciting news and im just so happy to go to the musuem you know and I also wanted to say that im just going there to study new stuff.
So thats all ive gotta say so bye.



Katy said...

I would just like to say, I love what you're doing here! I'm 16, of course far to old for these books, but I remember reading these, or similar ones when I was younger and have just started reading them to my little brother.
He loves them!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear,

Hi,Sleepy Bear how are you so did you ate a HUMAGAS WAFFLE!And by the way I once ate a HUMAGAS WFFLE!