Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hi Book Buddies,

Claudia and Jamie are almost at the end of solving their mystery! I liked going to the library with them and reading about them walking around New York City! Did you know that I was at the same library in New York City? If you read my blog for March 2009 you can read all about my vacation in New York City.

Did you know that Mrs. Hunter reads The New York Times every day? On Sundays the paper is super thick. I like to look at the pictures while she reads.

Well, back to the story. I think it is very clever that Claudia and Jamie noticed the circles on the velvet with the letter "M". That proves the angel belongs to Michelangelo! Oh, here is a site if you want to learn more about Michelangelo.

And, here is a refrigerator word: inconspicuous on page 55. Be sure to look it up in the dictionary if you don't know what it means.

I'm going to read some more. Let's finish the book this weekend.

Let me know what you want to read next!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear how was your day.Have you read a book called The boxcar Children mike's mystery if you have tell me bye for now from yesenia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear.I have a book you would like its called BABY MOUSE Draagonslayer its number 11 but can you borrow it and I can make you a pillow.Mr.Hunter said that she can take it I need it on Monday.From:Lizbeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear its Cecilia again. you didnt answer my letters. How come? have you been busy? Mrs.Hunter told the class that you went to New Arlines i think i saw that before. cause i used to go to this school called Bow Lake i was in kinder garten. And my bus used to pass by it but it wasent that it was a big tall buliding that said New Arlines. Love Cecilia