Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club for Girls with Mockingbird Books - Week 1

Hi New Book Buddies and my Old Favorites!

Last night was our first meeting at Mockingbird Books. Kathleen told me you had a really fun time. You talked about your favorite BABYMOUSE books and some of your other favorite books, too. Sue had a really fun time, too.

Kathleen shared that her favorite BABYMOUSE book is Rock Star. She thinks the beginning of the story is the best part when Babymouse travels in a limousine to go to her concert. Except, it's only her daydream and she's really going to school! That would be really fun to ride in a limousine to school.

Another girl shared her post-it notes about her BABYMOUSE book. That's a good idea to write down what you are thinking about when you are reading. I also write down tricky words or new magnet words.

We made some decisions about our book club, just like the grownups do when they have a book club. We decided we would read more BABYMOUSE books for our next meeting. One girl chose Rock Star and Skater Girl. Kathleen chose Monster Mash and Beach Babe.

We decided that for our next meeting we want to have pizza, cookies to munch on, and cold milk to help wash it all down! Yuuuuummmmmy!!! But remember, if you can't join us next month, that's OK! You can still read my blog every Thursday and I will have notes for you to read about our book club. And, if you have questions about your book, you can ask me, too, and I will do my very, very, best to help you.

I'm really happy we have our new book club. I love to read and now I get to share books with some new friends. I hope to read your comments soon.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy-bear,

I am going to leve out of school erly and i am not going to come to school tomorrow ether i dont know why?I am really sad that i am not going to see my frind on Thersday,Friday,Saterday,Sunday,Monday the only reson that i am not coming to school on monday is because there is no school on monday i am so sad:(So How are you ? i am going to tell you what chess rock is.Chess rock is a rock that is shaped as a chess and it is on top of a MUONTINE and i am scared of hikes and when you clime the muontine it hurts your legs.

well i have to go.



Anonymous said...

Sleepy bear i made a mastk i did not read that one i read a diffrent one.But i will tell you the one i read later but now i have to go.



Anonymous said...

Hey sleepy bear its me marisol! I hope you got my comment. Cause member i told you about baby mouse and i accsidently said mousey mouse? Oh well its just a comment! Oh sleepy bear did i tell you i was moving to aburn and i probably am going to a new school. Maybe? Do you know how many rooms there are? just lets say....3! Just 3 rooms. There is a sun room there is a kitchen of course there is a dinning room and there is a l;iving room oh and 2 palm trees behind the house. Of course a bathroom! Silly marisol. well well well lets see oh ya did i tell you i speak spanish? Oh and im mexican too! Exept i dont now how to do that little curvy line on top of a letter. Do you? I dont! and im mexican! Oh welll im just a kid! So sleepy bear whats going on? Oh ya did i menchen that i was going to montana to... VISIT there? Last time i said live there but im really visiting there. So can you tell moosey moose that im only visiting there? pretty pretty pretty please. Oh and did you now i bought a flute from my music teacher today? the color is........purpleish pink! Well gotta go ☺☻ buddy~amigos bye~adios Sicerley, Marisol☺☻

Anonymous said...

Hey sleepy Bear!!!Today how is your book going? After that book whut book are you going to pick? are you going to pick a funny book or a sad book or a happy book? I hope you pick a funny book or one of those things I said. When you pick one of those things I said please ifyou do Iam going to be happy!!! and when you pick another book for your book club I am going to be in your book club and when I be in your book club I am going to whach out for the mustakes I make and when I whach out for the things I make i am going to try my best tom whachn out form the things I make. I am going to be happy when I try my you try your best and are you going to be happy when you try your best?

Anonymous said...

dear sleepy bear how many babymouse books have you read and how many books are there is there like 6 of them or 7 of the books? do you know what hapend when the caveman were here? did you know that i know what 12x15 is? it is 170. have you ever went to the famly fun center it is in renton and its really fun and have you ever went to a base ball game because its really fun you get to get a fonefinger and you get to get a fly ball and its fun to catch them and have you ever been in a little eag when you were a little like me? sincerely kareem

Anonymous said...

Dear sleep bear.This weekend are you want to choose a book?If you are choose a fan books or a happy books.Ilike you choosey a fun books.Iread baby mosey books is a fun books.Iread two of them .It is fun books that books.