Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #5 - Day 5

Hi Book Buddies,

I read chapter 5 this morning so I wouldn't be scared when I went to bed, just in case there were scary parts.

On page 65 Simon reminds me of me because I like to read, just like he does. And Jared reminds me of Moosey-Moose because he mostly gets into trouble. That reminds me, I need to ask Moosey-Moose if he's reading The Spiderwick Chronicles.

I'm very curious about the faeries. I wonder if they are like Tinker Bell?

OK, now chapter 6 has more tricky words for me. On page 83 there are two! The first one is "luminous" and the second one is "soliloquy." I don't know what they mean and I can barely pronounce them. I hope you can help me learn what they mean.

I feel sorry for Jared. He is getting blamed for all the bad stuff the boggart is doing. And I feel really sorry for him that his dad left and everyone thinks he is doing bad things because of that. I know if my dad left I would be angry, but I don't think Jared should get blamed for stuff he didn't do.

One more chapter left!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

ps - should we read another picture book next time?


Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear how are you doing? what is your favorite tipe of music? and did you go to a party yesterday because yesterday was happy mothers day? so what are you doing this summer? sincerely kareem

Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear how are you doing? when is the first time you ever went to the zoo? whats your favorite movie that you seen? how many trips have you went with moosey moose all ready? how many years days or months have you had this good and fun blog? sincerely kareem