Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #5 - Day 4

Hi Book Buddies,

Uh oh! I read chapter 4 and now I'm a little scared to go to sleep. I forgot that I need read in the daylight. You must think I'm a real scaredy bear. But I'm not. Well, maybe just a little bit. Don't tell Moosey-Moose or he might tease me.

I think Jared is really brave. But I don't think his brother and sister think he's brave. I think they just make him do the stuff they don't want to do. Like ride in the dumbwaiter.

I wonder what is a Victrola? It's on page 51. And I want to know what embossed means. That word is on page 55. Can you help me learn the definitions?

I'm going to read chapter 5 in the morning.

Bye for now,
Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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Anonymous said...

Hey sleepy bear its me marisol! And dont worry i wont tell moosey-moose ☺ Besides your my best book buddy! ☺☻ pssst! that means buddies! But dont worry i will not tell a thing! So you can count on me ☺! Hey sleepy bear guess what i found! c'mon guess! ok give up? i found a.....Oops i forgot what i was gonna say! ☺☻ sorry book buddy! Hey sleepy bear did you know what evapration means? it means when it rains it goes in like a cycle! and it even goes round round and round! Hey just like a cycle! isnt that cool!☺☻ Buddy! Oh and mrs. Hunter showed us how to watch are foods like alot of sugar or junk foods or even i think too much CANDY! thats called wender☺ Do you know what wender means? it means that if you eat alot of junk food just like that well for a example if i ate a lot of junk food then i went to go play with my friend and go swimming would i be still awake? no i dont think so☺☻. I forgot what that other word was but it makes you be awake and have fun and stay up at the park or going swimming or even playing tennis! So thats what wender and that other word i forgot means! Wow will you look at all that writing i did! thats alot of writing! Hey sleepy bear? do you know this website called I think that it was called. Was it? Oh well I think it was oh yay i remember it now it is! Awsome☺☻ Well i better go see moosey-moose now and no i will not tell moosey-moose that you are a sleepy scardy cat ehe get it sleepy scardy cat! Well its been a pleashure to talk to you Sincerly, Marisol! ☺☻