Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #6 - Day 1

Hi Book Buddies!

Guess what? I'm starting a new book club. This one is for girls ages 6-10 (sorry boys, I'll have another book club just for you, too!). The bookstore in my neighborhood is helping me. It's called Mockingbird Books in Greenlake, Washington. This is their website address:

A really nice lady who works at the bookstore is going to help me. Her name is Sue. This is her website address: And of course, Kathleen will help me, too. This is her website address:

Our first meeting is on Wednesday May 20, 2009 at 7pm.

So, girls, bring your favorite Baby Mouse book by Jennifer and Matthew Holm. We'll have fun talking about the books and then we can choose one for our next meeting.

I'm really, really, really excited! I hope to see you at Mockingbird Books on Wednesday.

Bye for now,
Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear this is celina and that book you are reading is a good book I read it last week I hope you enjoy it.And I am looking fowrword to be being in your book club.☺



Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear how are you I hopr great. I love the book you have chose for your book we finshed our scince.I love scince we where lerning about land and water.Walso lernd that H2O=water.


Anonymous said...

Hey sleepy bear! Its me marisol ☺. I was wondering if i told you about mousey mouse? Did i? I dont even remember if i did tell you! Did i? Oh well. I think i did. Anyways this is so sad yall! do you wanna hear it? Is that a yes or no? Oh well i will just tell you! IM GOING TO MONTANA!so sad im moving to montana! It is so sad sad sad!Oh well blah blah blah! Hey you know somthing else? I have another girl bear at home! she looks just like flower! exept she has a soccer ball on her shoulder. I wonder if mrs. Hunter would want her for a blog? Hey just like you moosey moose! Oh sorry i meant sleepy bear! ☻☺. So could you ask mrs. Hunter if she wants my green girl bear for a blog like you guys? I hope you could! cause she is really pretty! She even is green! Did i already menchen that? Oh man today i din't get any sleep cause my noisey musical naibers! Did i menchen that i have musical naibers? Well you know now! Hehe☺☻. Well i better get back to moosey moose! Your book buddy, Marisol☺☻

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear how are you today?
so is that book going to be for us to read or for the mocking bird thing?So moving on why havnt you answered the question i gaved you?Well i will tell you a diffrent one 50+69=? try finding the answer-wait let me give you another one 49+36=? figure them out soon. If it's for us then-the book tou know-when are we starting oops i have to go now
alondra ☺☻ ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear this is zeena and that is so cool.and i am totaly going to join because that is so cool. well bye zeena ps i am going to make you something out of crochet ♥love zeena

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear this is celina and i just wanted to tell you something and i dont know if i allready told you but my mom sprand her a mounth ago.
And an other thing that is exsiting thing it is we just finished science.
Well now i have to go bi.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepybear,
well I was reading babymouse rockstar I noticed in the book that it said mouse 5 news and here in real life it says king 5 news

Anonymous said...

hello sleepy bear im a boy but can i still read babymouse ☻♣☺♥○ sincerlyl:inecio