Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sleepy Bear Says Hello

Hi Friends and Book Buddies,

I want to try to answer some mail.

I will tell Angelo that you say hello. Poor kitty. I think he's really sorry he took that spill off the shelf. But I keep telling him it was an accident. One more week and the vet will take off his cast!

Oh, about the BABYMOUSE book club. Well, when we meet at the Mockingbird Bookstore it's for girls only. But, if you read my blog each week, that part is for girls AND boys. So, even if you are a boy, of course you can read BABYMOUSE. I'll never say "No" to reading a book.

Moosey-Moose said something about the Science Center. I've never been there. He said I will have to read his blog because he said Kathleen went there with her students and she's been telling him all about it. I told him I would read his blog if he reads mine.

Oh, I'm still thinking about reading BONE. Write to me if you are interested or if you have another book you want to read for a book club that is for everyone.

Well, that's all for now.

Your friend,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear I think we should start reading the first book of bone on Thurs



Anonymous said...

Hello Sleepy Bear♥ I love you.☺☻ but I think bone is a really great book for the students.because maybe a couple of students are geting tired of chapter books. pluss we wouldent be able to finish a long book before summer.



Anonymous said...

dear sleepy-bear can i please have a book mark i really want one you look so cute in there so dose moosey-moose

Anonymous said...

HI SLEEPYBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a book that I think we can read the books title is oh I forgot the books title but I will blog to you again to tell you the title. I also wanted to ask you for one the book marks that have your picture and moosey-mooses picture on each side. Well I will blog to you later.By for now, Imer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear,
I do want to read the book bone I have all ready read the books bone but I can read them all again with you.just to tell you they come in series.when are you going on a trip with Mooseymoose it's been a pretty long time you've been outside okay hope to see you next time I blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear its me marisol!☺☻§.I would say no to moving or ▼es to moving wich shopuld i pick! :.)- Sincerly Marisol♣ ☻☺♣