Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleepy Bear Answers His Mail

Hi Friends,

Wow! I'm super excited that you want to start another book club. Most of you want to read the books in the BONES series. I think that would be lots of fun. Graphic novels are fun to read and I especially like to read the pictures, too. Let's start today. Should we start with book number 1?

Thank you to everyone who has asked for my bookmark. OK, well, Moosey-Moose's, too. I'm glad you like them. I think I look extra cute in my pictures. Moosey-Moose says I don't look cool like he does.

Someone asked me when I was going to go on a trip again with Moosey-Moose. Well, I asked Kathleen and she said we have a trip planned to Portland, Oregon later in the summer and another trip to Los Angeles near the end of the summer. Both of those trips sound like fun to me. I've never been to Portland. I've been to Los Angeles and to the beach. I love the beach except for the sand in my fur part. I don't like that. Maybe my friends Big Bear and Scaredy Pup will join me again! I need to call them on the phone this weekend.

I plan to spend a lot of time in my backyard lying on my blanket, reading books. Kathleen says she is going to do lots of reading a writing this summer. Maybe I can help her.

Well, thanks for blogging. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Your Friend,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

HEY sleepy bear i saw those book marks can i have one sincerly inecio

Anonymous said...

Hey Sleepy Bear !!!!Did you know we had a BQQ today it was fun☺☺ really fun.Sleepy Bear can I have one of your book marks please the book mark of you on anothere side and Moosey Moose on the other side please!!!!!!And I do want to read your book club Bones& Is it a scary book!!!!!☻☻☻ By Your Friend Anaiis !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sleep bear.Ijust when to ask you something can i have a book mark pleas«N

Anonymous said...

Hey Sleepy Bear ☺☺ today I got my book mark think you very much for leting me get one of your book marks


Anaiis your Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear

That is so cool that you are going to los angeles i go there every summer because my dads mom lives there i use to live there to but bad things were happining and my mom and dad do want anything to happen to me and my brother:(

this summer we are leaving on the 23 at 11 o`clock in the night:) i just can`t wait to see my grandma:)

well i have to go:)



Anonymous said...

Dear sleepy bear why do people want to read about the bone searios i think people like bone.Do you know how many people want join the book searios of bone books and do you want to get the books of bone? So have you ever been to japan? sincerely kareem

Anonymous said...

Hello Sleepy Bear how are you today.I love to see you having a book club your so muture.I really wanted to start my own book club. maybe you can tell kathleen for me please.and also maybe tell her to talk to me in class about it.I would really appreacheate it.I was wondering may I please have a book mark?

okay bye sleepy bear hope you have a great sunny day! I ♥ u!!

Sincerely your friend,


Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear a new library just opened in burien.i want ther on saturday whaen it just opened.the library there is two floors and third one is city was so cool and i read 3 books from the babymouse series they are easy to read and it is really funny.i really like to read and i'm going to read in the summer to keep up my reading pace.i think you are really nice because you always share your thoughts with us.have you read a book called harley davidson cool dudes that book is a chapter booka nd i recomend you to check that book out from the library.i read alot of chapter books because they last a long time and they are just right for me. on my 2 minute math i was on my 8's and then i went all the way to my 12' i am in the silly string party.and fiwld day is coming up.and school is almost over. bye sleepy bear

your friend,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear do you have more of those book marks if you do can I have one sincerly, eric

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear i wanted a bookmark to becuase i don't have one and i saw alondra's and they are so cool can you make one for me

your friend,


Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear how are you today?
did you know that my uncle is in Portland, Oregon, too!!! And did you know we are getting out on the 23 of June and getting out at 11:40 three hours only!!!!!♥. And we are having lots of things on Friday like: field day our celabration from multiplacation and tommorro we have an assembly I think or its on Friday.

Anonymous said...

dear Sleepy bear can i have 1 of your bookmarks for my sister

from diana

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear can i have a book mark pleas.I really like them.
I am makeing a scarf for my mom because she really likes them.i am really trying to keep the stitches strate so it does not look funny on her and i am going to put green strings on the end of the scarf. I can not wate in till fild day it will be on friday. on since we are lerning about elctricity it is so fun.i am going to start my own book culb i just have to get some people to join it. today we had PE it was so fun we got to play forts and castles you had to hit people with a ball and if you hit that person they are out. your ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Hi sleep bear.This summer iam donig to read more books like 17 and i am going californi andi will blog you gusy on the summer.Today we have fielday. we will see you after summer. Have a geart summer you and moosey- moose.