Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleepy Bear Reads With His Puppy Book Buddy

Hi Book Buddies,

Look who is reading with me today.  Her name is Tsavo.  The “T” is silent.  Do you know what that means?  She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Sleepy Bear Reads With Tsavo


We are both soaking up the sunshine from inside the house.



I decided not to have hot cocoa with goo gobs of whippy cream.  I think Tsavo might want to drink it!  Kathleen told me chocolate is not good for doggies. 

Today I read about Junie B. Jones and her secret hiding place in the classroom.  She did not want to ride the stupid smelly bus home and have chocolate milk poured on her head.  Do you remember where Junie B.’s secret hiding place is?

I am starting chapter 7 and I have a prediction.  I predict the janitor will find Junie B. and call her mother to come and get her.

Check back later and I will tell you if my prediction is right.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Moosey-Moose said he needs help with his bird feeders.  Maybe you can help him.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear.

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Aiyah said...

dear sleepy bear how are you doing with your puppy. i know what happens when you give dogs choclate you do now want to know.
i know where she hides in the closet. my predictions are that she going to come out of the closet and go in to the dangerous nurses office and going to be on crunches and fall and where the purple jacket and have band-aids on her. and t he nshe going to call 911 and the person going to say COME DOWN . next i predict that she going to go out of the school to look for a toliet because the bathroom maybe lock and
the janitor mite see her and say HOLD IT SIS the nshe going ya only i have in accident in my skirt that looks like velvet .then i think he going to say" well why didn't you tell me sis. then mom hurrys and fireman and a police officer and a lady with a gurnie and when junie b. goes home in the car her mom says" what you did was wrong you do not have a choice then mom voice gets nicer and she then says there is a new girl going on the bus her name is grace would like to sit next to her tomorrow she says of course. then they were on the bus the end love book buddie