Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club - Book #4 - Day 3

Hi Book Buddies,

I'm really glad you are enjoying the book, A Visitor for Bear. My favorite part is when the mouse keeps hiding in different places even when Bear tries to keep him out. But Bear does get very annoyed. I wouldn't do that. The mouse just wants to be Bear's friend. I'm glad Bear finally let Mouse in. I like drinking tea in front of the fireplace, too. That part reminded me of Kathleen and me when we read together on cold winter days.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy-Bearl.I like siting next to the fire place and drinking hot chocolat.I like that part to it was funny when he was in the tea pot!!!

well i have to go because my aunt is taking us to her place and it takes an hour drive and it is already 9:08.



Anonymous said...

HI Sleepy Bear wright to us you haven't been wrighting to us latly I really want to know the 411 on your book club. So what book are you planing to read next for your book club? I want to make a sugustion what about Goosebumps those are good books or The Waside Shcool books Mrs.Ricarti our librian read us a part of it and it sounds very intbersting. What are you planing to read next? Im reading Savvy it is a good book so far and it is big but I am challanging myself to read bigger books. I am just on chapter 2 and I am almost finishing it just 2 more pages. Today we started the WASL it wasnt so scary after all!!!!!!Well I will blog to you tomarow. Imer☺☻

Anonymous said...

Dear sleep bear. ilike to see you on school. if mrs hunter is sick can you tell us pleace can you tell us?I want to ask you samething that happens in you self. did you have you name one then more? or you have a child? iwant to ask you another thing. did you book has color? iwant tell you samething that happensat school today we have a fun time sincerely hafsa

Anonymous said...

why dont you ask him.whats,wrong. by for now chalise