Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepy Bear Needs a New Book!

Hi Book Buddies,

I'm really glad you liked A Visitor for Bear. I think it was fun to read a picture book for my book club.

Some of you have given me suggestions for books for my next book club book. One was Goosebumps. Another suggestion was the Wayside School Kids. I have never read those. What do you think? Are there other books you can suggest, too?

I will give this some more thought. Oh! Have you read Kathleen's first two chapters to her book? If you haven't, then you should. I know she wants to know what you think.

Good luck to everyone who is taking the state tests!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bear I have lots of book you could read it is called SPIDERWICK Im have never read it I just see lots of people reading it so thats my suggestion well bye for now friend



Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear,
I wanted you to know that why havnt you answerd the question I told you? Well if you dont remember i got another one for you.26+84=? have a nice day (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear accualy it only the Wayside Shcool. Today I went to library and saw the book. What book did you have in mind for your book club?? Well talk to later!Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imer☺☻

Anonymous said...

oh ya i have a sugggestions thers one that i really like and its so cool it's called THE HOUSE ON THE GOLF BY Margaret Peterson i am going to type the blurb to you ok here i go When Britt's older brother,Bran,lands a summer job house sitting in Florda,it seems like a gret opportunity.Britt's family has just recently moved to Florda, and could use the extra money while her Mom finishes college.Ther's only one problem:britt starts to suspect her family is'nt suppost to be ther.Britt starts poking around, and makes a stardeling discovry-the owners of the house aren't who Bran said they are.so who's house are they living in and why has Bran brought them ther? well thats the blurb that was pretty cool hu. well bye from: zeena

Anonymous said...

i did they name you sleppy bear?

Anonymous said...

dear Sleepy Bear I did read a lot of Wayside school and Gosse Bumps.
Did you get scared while you were reading Gosse Bumps?

By David

Anonymous said...

I suggest the series of misfortaneate events

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear its me Marisol! I was wondering if you were going to have another book club beacause i found this awsome book! the title is:Fshion Kitty. I hope theres copies of fashion kitty books ☺. Oh and there another book of fashion kitty. Its called fashion kitty vs. fashion queen! We could read that book if you wanted to or we could read that other one fashion kitty! Its your choice not mine ☺. Im sooo exited today because im doing book talk today! do you know what a book talk is? if you dont a book talk is somthing that you read to people then you tell them your favorite part THEN... you tell them if you would recomend that book! So thats what im doing today! So thats what a book club is ☺. Now you can tell sleepy bear what a book club is! well i gtg tell moosy moose that i love him and i espically love you! ♥ marisol