Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleepy Bear Plays In the Snow

Hi Friends,

I looooove the snow! This morning Moosey-Moose and I built a snowman! That was hard work. The snow is very cold in my paws. I had to take lots of time-outs to warm up. Moosey-Moose kept teasing me. What do you think of the snowman? I think we did a great job - it looks great!

Then we made snow angels. Have you ever done that? Be sure to wear a warm jacket when you make one because the snow is really cold and wet.

Well, I'm going to make some hot cocoa to help me warm up. Then I want to go play in the snow again. I hope you have fun in the snow today, too. Remember to wear a warm jacket, a hat, ear muffs, mittens, and boots.

Your friend,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

The snowman is wonderful! What did you use for the eyes and nose and mouth. I usually use a carrot for the nose...yours looks like a piece of strip magnet. Did you get it out of your arts and crafts box? Can't wait to see a picture of you making your hot chocolate! Are you a good cook?
Caroline - homebound snow day teacher

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear. Me and my family were doing a snow man but my anut lives on a hill so every time a car go down we help them because when they get down they get stuck. i like that snowman.

well i have to go.

p.s i never trid hot cocca how dus it tast?♥☺☻♫☼


Natalie ♫☺☻♥☼

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear I has a while since. I post a comment that snowman looks like the snowman I made.I almost forgot I want Dairy of a Wimpy Kid#1 for your book club book.I hope you stay warm.

Kent P.s When do you think the snow is going to end?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear I was wondering if you made more then one snowman or a snow angel.And did you go snow boreding? Because I went snow boreding with my sister and my 2 other brothers.Then the first time I went I saw my friend Brittney shes in my class to.Then I saw my friends uncel he let me and my littel brother use his snow bored.WELL I GOT TO GO BYE CELINA.

Anonymous said...

hello Sleep-Bear. did you have fun in the snow and did you and Moosey-Moose thorw snow ball at eachoter well. I hope you had a fun time in the snow but do you know if it is going to snow again well have to go now talk to you later

sinserley Tabby

Anonymous said...

hi slleepy bear im isau i love that snowman did you make a snowgirl to that would be cool i made my snowman a carrot nose and mint candy eyes hair leaves he holds a candy cane and for buttons shells.

bye for know

p.s love both of your coats.

Anonymous said...

hi sleepybear how are you today, i love snow to um sleepybear wheres your coat and shoes you to mooseymoose bye bye


Anonymous said...

i like to play in Snow to snow is the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy bear how are you today?Are you haveing fun in the snow are you playing with Moosey Moose and are you makeing a snow man I never made a snow man before I think it is really cool to make a snow man becuse every time in December and it starts to be winter it never snows that much in my naborhood and that is why i never made a snow man but I did make a small snowman and it is really easy to make a snow man that is small or if you like to call it a mini mised snow man and your really luky that you can make a snow man well bye for now and one more thing I need to tell you is that if you see moosey moose tell him that i said hi how are you today are you haveing a flu becuse it is really cold out side and i know that sleepy bear will be really sad that you are haveing a cold eny way you dint have to tell him that if you dont want to and if you dont tell him that would be ok but if you did tell him every thing that I just told you that woukd make me really happy well bye for now tell me if moosey moose said something back to me and well bye for now again.