Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sleepy Bear's Book Club Is Back!

Hi Book Buddies,

I'm sorry if you showed up at Mockingbird Books last night for our book club meeting and found out that the store was closed! I don't know what happened. Nobody told me that the book club was cancelled.

So now maybe you are wondering what to do. Well, I have a solution! I will host a book club on my blog, just like I used to do before I joined Mockingbird Books. Except now the book club will be for boys and girls and we won't meet at Mockingbird Books anymore. Instead, we'll share our thinking about our reading on my blog!

I will think of some books to choose from and you can think of books to choose from, too, and then we will share our lists and then decide on a book to read. How's that?

I'm super excited!!!!

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

hi Sleepy Bear are you doing good Seepy Bear I like you Seepy Bear for Jason

Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear.What are you doing today.Do you have a sister?I do she is little.Are you haveing fun today?Do you like to draw?I like to draw.From:Lizbeth

Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear,

I cant wait for the math quiz.
Because i like math. I like subtraction, adition,fractions,times and divishion. Do you like math.