Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleepy Bear Gets a Stinky Surprise!

Hi Buddies,

Guess what? I can't find Moosey-Moose!! He's supposed to do all my chores for me for one whole entire month. That's not all. Since he's gone somewhere, no one has cleaned the cat's litter box!

I smelled something super duper stinky so I followed my nose. It got worse the closer I got to the bottom of the stairs. I peeked inside the cat box and what a horrible, icky, stinky sight that was. I found a can of air freshener to help clear the air until I can get the cat boxes cleaned out. Poor kitties!

Then, I thought - if Moosey-Moose wasn't around to clean the cat boxes, then maybe he feed the birds, either. Guess what again? One bird feeder is almost empty and the tall one is empty. Poor birdies!
So much for my relaxing month to spend reading and playing in the backyard. If you know where Moosey-Moose is, will you please let me know? And tell him to get back home fast.
I have lots of work to do so bye for now,
Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

dear Sleepy Bear,
said he was in portland.
i hope he comes back!
truly yours,

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear & moosy moos do you have a ginny pig or a cat or a lizzrd cuse i have thos anamols my giny pigs name is sam well if you have thos anomals tell me