Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sleepy Bear's Book Club

Hi Boys and Girls!

Well, I have been giving a lot of thought about which book to choose for our first book club together. I have decided that I think it would be fun to read books that have won the Newberry Award. Do you know what that is? Well, if you don't, you're in luck because I will tell you.

"The John Newberry Award The Newberry Medal was designed in 1921. It is an award that is given every year for the most distinguished American Children's book published the year before. The American Library Association gave the responsibility for choosing the winner to the Children's Librarians Section. The Newberry Award became the first children's book award in the world."

I found this information at this website:

I will look at the list of books that have won this award and then I will make suggestions. If you have a title you want to suggest, please be sure to write to me.

Happy reading,

Sleepy Bear


Unknown said...

Hi Sleepy Bear,

I can't wait to learn what book you choose to read.

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy bear i am a student in Mrs.Hunters class and my name is Natalie.have you pick a book to read on your new book club? can you come to school with mrs.Hunter?

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear i am from Mrs.HUNTERS class so you are Mrs.hunters friend i am japjeet and i have picked a book for you picked diary of a wimpy kid.

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear
I am a student from Mrs. hunter's class. And I wanted to tell you that I have a fav book and I'ts called
Bud Not Buddy this book was a WINNING AWARD. I read this book in third grade.
It's my fav book you should read this wonderfull awsome book. make shure you have a nice day. sincerly,alondra flores

Anonymous said...

Hi sleepy-bear so how are you going to set up your new book club?

so i saw a new book in Mrs.Hunters class room it called eligh thats my baby cusens name.well did you talk to moosey-moose about a book to pick?welli talk to you and moosey-moose so now i have to go to sleep.