Monday, May 28, 2012

Sleepy Bear Reads More Jazz Cats

Hi Book Buddies,

I never knew cats were so cool! The cats I live with are not as cool as the Jazz Cats. These cats don’t chase rats. They make music and their story rhymes!

Moosey-Moose went to New Orleans on one of his adventures. He went to some of places the Jazz Cats go to play their music.

Jazz Cats #2


Like Preservation Hall,





Jazz Cats #3


and Jackson Square,






Jazz Cats #4


and the French Quarter and Café Du Monde. That is the place where he ate the yummy doughnuts.



I like Jazz Cats. The story is very upbeat. I want to learn how to play the piano or the drums or maybe even the clarinet! I will ask Kathleen to make some beignets, those are the fancy French donuts at Café Du Monde.

Your Book Buddy,

Sleepy Bear

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