Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleepy Bear Answers His Mail

Hi Boys and Girls,

I'm feeling much better! Now I can tell Moosey-Moose that I accept his apology. I didn't want to get him sick so I thought I should wait until I felt better.

One of my readers asked me if I read comic books. Yes! I love to read comic books. I like the Teen Titans, and Donald Duck. Which ones do you like to read?

Another reader asked me if I can plant more bulbs since last year the ones I planted didn't grow. I told Kathleen I want to try again but I have to wait for her to go to the plant store and buy some more. Maybe she will go this weekend. I'll ask her.

I'm glad you liked PINOCCHIO. I really liked it, too. I'm not sure what book to read next. I have to give that some thought. Do you have suggestions?

Well, I need to go now. I want to make myself a cup of hot chocolate with lots of whippy cream. YUM!

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

What are you reading?I would like to know pleaseeeeee.:) signed unknown

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear how are you what are you doing right now are you haveing fun to day if you see mooseymoose tell him i said hi how are you today are you haveing fun today well bye for now see ya later

Anonymous said...

i really liked that to. well the book well by for now from chalise

Anonymous said...

Dear Sleepy Bear,
ive got one! pride and prejudice.
its a love story aubuot eldest doghters who are named elizabeth &
jane. jane is in love with mr.bingley and elizabeth is in love with mrbingleys freind,mr.darcy. he has lots of pride. but,elizabeth has prejudeice when mr.darcy asked for a marrige! love grace

Anonymous said...

Hi there sleepy bear how are you i just know that jason the guy in my class that he made something that is a hat on a paper and i hope he made me one, beside he's the luckyest guy anyway goodbye for now on. sincerly Vy

Anonymous said...

i guess i like....SUPER FISH!!!!!
it's a comic book that me and my
cousin made. it's ALL under water!
and he eats rock's,and fights fights crimes! my favorite is...
its about my german sheperd.
his full name is Heinrech von seifen burger

- grace

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear how are you?i like the comic book called peanutbutter and jerenys best book ever i really like it so if you want you can go to the libary and chek it out and read it for your book club it is a really good book i like that book becuse it is really funny on some of the pages and when you read it you can find it and show your blogers.

Anonymous said...

hi sleepy bear i like baby mouse books they are funny and i like them becuse some of the hallowen books are funny even when it is sapost to be scary that is how much i like the book i just love it it is so funny well bye for now sleepy bear