Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleepy Bear Gets Caught Up On Correspondence

Hi Boys and Girls!

Wow, I sure missed hearing from you over the holidays. I'm glad you are writing to me again. I will try to answer everyone's questions.

Kathleen had fun on her birthday. She spent the day reading and relaxing. Then her husband took her and some friends to dinner and a movie. I stayed home. I gave her a book for her birthday. She really liked it. It's a really big book called Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. It has a dark green leather cover on it.

I had a fantastic holiday season with family and friends. Kathleen baked a lot of cookies. I helped, too. I'm glad it snowed so I could play outside and get some exercise, too. Now it's just raining a lot so I have to stay inside.

I like everyone's suggestions for a new book for my book club. Thanks to everyone who has written. But, I think I will choose that you have not read yet. So, if there is a book you have been wanting to read, let me know and maybe that will be the new book. I hope we can start in the next week. I can't wait!!!

Zeena, it's almost your birthday. Happy Birthday!

OK, I'm going to go read and then I'm going to go to bed early. All this rain makes me sleepy. I hope you are having a good week at school.

Your friend,

Sleepy Bear


Anonymous said...

hi sleepy-bear. tomorow is zeenas birthday and we are having a party at our class. well as soon as i think of a book i never read i will tell you.

well i have to go.

i hope you have a nice day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sleepy Bear I suggust The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo for your book club.What do you have in mind for your book club?Well bye for now!-Imer

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bear I think you should read Diary of a Wimpy Kid # 2 because it is a good book. And I it is funny book and it has correct spelling to. So you should pick that book.And what ever book you pick I will be in your book club.And I do not care if you pick I wanted I will stellbe in
your book club.Well I gfot to go bye bye celina

P.S if I think of a nother book I will tell you.

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Bear can you please tell Kathleen to bring the thimbel. Thank you. Because we are reading this book called Alicen Wonder Land.I think it is a good book so far. But she said she has one at home and she said she will bring it. But she keeps on forgetting to bring it so can you remind her please. bye celina